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Food, Land, Water – Wednesday in Dresden

On Wednesday the day started with a Bible Study We were introduced to the the connection between Christian belief and the environmental concern, how we can preserve our western civilization lifestyle and still protect and care for the planet. The warm-up at the beginning of the session we had to create a cartoon in groups, about the creation of the planet in Bible, wich also showed us at the presentations how many differentiated views and […] Read on →


Food, Land, Water – The 2nd Day of the Training Course in Dresden

Tuesdays theme was land use! The first part of the morning session was about sharing the different land use issues in the different countries.  The participants were divided in to groups according to the country they come from. The task was to discuss the different need for land and land use in their own countries. The groups prepared around 6 min. presentations about the topic to share their discussions with the other groups. We learned […] Read on →


Food, Land, Water – The First Day of the Training Course in Dresden

Greetings from the training course! The kick-off of the training was on Sunday when young people  from various countries arrived to the venue in Dresden to learn more and share their experiences about the distribution of natural resources. On Monday we started the official programme. Short summary about what we did on Monday: First day sessions were about team building, educational games about the environment, group work about environmental issues, practical methods to prepare games […] Read on →


CALL FOR ARTICLES: On-line magazine of “Break the Chains!”


    Are you passionate about writing articles, taking pictures, drawings or creating visual art? Do you want to share your ideas with others and gain some more professional experience for your portfolio or CV?   EYCE’s Campaign to Overcome Poverty “Break the chains!” is about to issue an online magazine and is looking for the volunteers who would like to contribute to the content of the magazine. The first issue is planned already for […] Read on →


Join us for the SHAREWICH DAY!


Have you heard about Sharewich day? Not yet? Then it’s time to change it! By something as simple as sharing a meal you can help make a real change in society!     Every year on the 16th and 17th of October the World Food Day and the International Day of Eradicating Poverty are observed. World Food Day was established by Food and Agriculture Organisation at its 20th General Conference in November 1945. It has […] Read on →


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