"Spring is the time of plans and projects." ― Leo Tolstoy

 "For behold, the winter is past; the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land." ― Song of Solomon 2:11-12

Dear reader,

Do you sometimes feel socially excluded? Are you seeking to learn more about social inclusion? Are you willing to participate in a journey into critical thinking about exclusion/inclusion dynamics?

Join us this Spring at the EYCE seminar "From Vision to Reality" that will take place in Bratislava between 22nd and 29th March 2015. We offer an exciting week of workshops, talks, field visits and much more. Get ready for discovery of new cultures and different faiths, exchange of ideas and non formal learning!

This and other exciting opportunities to get involved in EYCE's work this spring you can find underneath. Especially we want to highlight the chance to hand in articles for our campaign magazine "See, Act, Change". The first issue that has been published already you can find here.

In Christ,

Angie, Anna, Ben, Kuba, Lisa, Peter and Sini
EYCE Executive Committee

EXTENDED DEADLINE: training course "From Vision to Reality!" in Bratislava!

EXTENDED DEADLINE: training course "From Vision to Reality!" in Bratislava!


• In 2012, one in four persons in Europe were at risk of poverty and social exclusion. That's 124.8 million Europeans.

• Economic indicators only partly explain this situation.

• There are strong links between social exclusion and crime as well as drug addiction and health issues.

• Worryingly, children experience the deepest levels of social exclusion.

In today's society, young people want to learn more about these issues, and more importantly, they can make a difference. You can be one of them. You can make a difference.
We invite you to join EYCE seminar “From Vision to Reality!” in

• to study various concepts of inclusion with a special focus on ethnic and religious minorities;

• to identify different actors from both ‘minority’ and ‘majority’ groups in society and identify their interests and attitudes;

• to study concrete examples of inclusive societies being united yet maintaining pluralism;

• to explore the broader background of values social inclusion is built on;

• to create a vision of socially inclusive society and find new forms of participation to this envisioned society;

• to meet lots of people from all over Europe and different denominations and so much more... (see draft timetable)

22nd - 29th March 2015, AGAPE in Svätý Jur, Bratislava, Slovakia
To apply please fill in the application form (download it here) and send it to applications@eyce.org or by fax +32 2 510 61 72. Deadline for receiving applications: 5th March midnight CET!

The participation fee will be 50 € (Euros) including accommodation, meals and the programme. The travel expenses can be reimbursed according to the EYCE policies. Please don't miss any important information and click here to read more.

See you in Bratislava!
 The training course is supported by the Council of Europe and Otto per Mille.


CALL FOR ARTICLES: 2nd issue of the on-line magazine “See. Act. Change.”

CALL FOR ARTICLES: 2nd issue of the on-line magazine “See. Act. Change.”

Are you passionate about writing articles, drawing, taking pictures or creating visual art? 
Do you want to share your ideas with others and gain some professional experience for your portfolio or CV?
EYCE’s Campaign to Overcome Poverty “Break the chains!” is about to put together another issue of the online magazine “See. Act. Change.” and is looking for volunteers who would like to contribute to the content of the magazine. The second issue is planned for 15th June 2015! Read more.

Sharewich Day is back. And it is BIGGER!

Sharewich Day is back. And it is BIGGER!

We, the members of the Coordination Team of EYCE’s Campaign to Overcome Poverty “Break the Chains!” are so passionate about the concept of Sharewich Day that we have decided to bring it back, and make it BIGGER!

On 16th and 17th October 2014 we had the first ever Sharewich Day. The idea is simple, all we ask is that you take a sandwich and share it with someone else. It could be anyone, a friend or colleague, someone who may be lonely, or hungry, but the focus is on sharing, not just giving.Take some time to sit with someone and eat with them, talk to them. It’s all about respect and caring for your fellow human beings.

We think this idea is so great, we have decided to do Sharewich Day again, not just once a year, but once a month. So on the 16th of EVERY MONTH we invite you to share a sandwich with someone, and make a real difference to their day.

We would love to hear your sharewich stories, so use #sharewich to let us know how it goes!

See the Sharewich manual about how to do this! Sharewich Day MANUAL

Also, you can use your own personal Sharewich box!


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Photo credit: Michael E. on Flickr, Copyright: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0