Farewell and New Beginning

 "For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you." ― Matthew 17:20

Dear reader,

Some changes in EYCE happend in the beginning of this month and many of you were awaiting the news couriously.

It was finally time to say farewell to Kristine Jansone who has been EYCE's General Secretary for six years. We are grateful for all the work she has done and her endurance with which she met all big and small challenges.

Every end is a new beginning and we are happy to introduce Christophe Luyten as Kristine's sucessor. He has started his journey with EYCE on 11th of May 2015 and some of you might have already met him in Prague at the capacity building.

Both of them wrote small letters for you. Please find them underneath.

We are looking forward to meet you soon at this year's EYCE activities, especially at the General Meeting, taking place from 21st – 25th of October 2015 in Kirkkonummi, Finland. The invitation is coming soon.

In Christ,
Angie, Anna, Ben, Kuba, Lisa, Peter and Sini
EYCE Executive Committee


Dear Friends,

As my work for EYCE has come to its end, I am writing these lines to say thank you and God bless!

6 years or 2 190 days, or 52 560 hours, more or less. But these are just the numbers, aren't they? More importantly, this means several hundred young people with creative minds, kind and open hearts, and hands, willing to make a change for a better society! It has been an amazing journey through these years, days and hours together with all of you, it has been educational, inspiring and rewarding beyond measure.

I must admit though, it was not always easy to encounter so many cultures and backgrounds, to learn to understand one another, support one another and work together – there were many boundaries to expand and many assumptions to give up and rethink. Yet, the result has been always exceeding what was expected – so much new knowledge, opportunities to look at things from new perspectives, and possibilities to see my own beliefs and principles with new eyes and grow stronger in them by sharing with others!

Indeed, one notion has been above all irreplaceable – the understanding that we are all essentially the same, we are humans above all! And by realising this, we can grow in solidarity, we can become stronger and speak in a united voice against all the injustices and wrongdoings we see! I want to thank you all for this immense experience and for this conviction, sending me on with a strong confidence and belief in a better future ahead. I want to thank you each individually, for all the smiles, kind words and support when it was needed! I want to thank you for these 6 years, 2 190 days, 52 560 hours of irreplaceable time.

I want to encourage you to never stop asking questions, to never stop testing, challenging and expanding your boundaries and to never stop learning from one another. Only then it will be possible to question, if the existing order is bringing justice for all, to feel with those who suffer and to help them by working together!

God bless you all!
Yours in Christ,
Kristine Jansone



My name is Christophe Luyten. I'm 33 years old. I'm Belgian and I come from Tournai, a city close to the French border. I'm happy to be the new general secretary. I see this new responsibility as a really motivating challenge.

I studied journalism in Brussels. For more than 7 years, I've been working in the field of youth organisations. I had the chance to work and and volunteer for intercultural associations. For me dialogue and understanding are the keys of success. In my previous job I worked for a federation of youth organisations. 

Working with volunteers, it's working with people who strongly believe in their organisation. It's for me a chance to represent all those people troughout Europe.

Do not hesitate to contact me. I'm looking forward to get to know you and happy to answer to any question related to EYCE. 

I hope to meet many of you soon.

All the best,
Christophe Luyten


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