World Interfaith Harmony Week

All this week, from the 1st to the 7th of February, we are celebrating the World Interfaith Harmony Week. This is a time for joining with communities of different faiths –Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity– and share our own beliefs among all of us. We, the Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe, wants to follow the recommendation of The General Assembly of the United Nations, who encourages all States to support during this week the spread […] Read on →

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Join the International Planning Committee for “Cut the prejudice”!

EYCE is currently preparing an event “CUT THE PREJUDICE! different religious traditions under the lens of a camera”  in Berlin, Germany from the 11th – 17th April 2016 Did you know? • The word “fundamentalism” was first used in 1909 by the American protestant church to denote faith foundations priority against the opening to the modern society of the church itself; • Religions themselves can be sources of expressions and sentiments of prejudice, even though they promote human […] Read on →

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Your voice on EYCE’s Future

Even if you are not a delegate, you have a voice on EYCE’s Future. Share your ideas in our Facebook Page or with your national correspondent. Read on →

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ExCo meets in Paris for preparing this year’s General Meeting and getting together with the French member organisation

Everything started on the 8th in the evening, when almost the whole team arrived at the YWCA Hostel in Paris. After having the time to meet each other again, the meeting was officially opened on the 9th with the evaluation of the campaign and the events organised since January. In the evening, the group had the pleasure to meet the French member organisation “Protestant Federation of France – Commission of Youth”. Thank you Adrien and […] Read on →

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Second issue of “SEE. ACT. CHANGE.” is out! Enjoy reading!

Summer just started and it brings the new issue of “See. Act. Change”, the magazine of EYCE’s Campaign to Overcome Poverty “Break the Chains!”. In the magazine you will find reports from EYCE’s previous events in Slovakia and Czech Republic, different articles about the many faces of poverty, as well as an article about the Sant Egidio community and their work. These articles and many others can be found inside the magazine. The CCT wishes you […] Read on →

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Training course “Faces of Poverty” in Manchester! APPLY NOW – Deadline 31st JULY

DID YOU KNOW? In 2012, there were an estimated 1.7 million immigrants to the EU-27 from countries outside the EU-27. In addiction, 17. million people migrated within EU-27. Over 40% of non-EU-born population in the EU is at risk of poverty. In most countries, the risk of poverty is much higher among children with a migratory background. With this training course, EYCE will seek to address these issues, as well as exploring the potential role […] Read on →

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The International camp of The Evangical Church of Czech Brethren

The Evangical Church of Czech Brethren organises an international camp “we make the road” from the 2 to the 9 august in Czech Republic. The Evangical Church of Czech Brethren explains : “The International Camp will be time to think, discuss and share our thoughts about everyday spirituality and our christian ministry. It will be opportunity to meet interesting people and find new friends; spending time together, singing and praying, talking and listening, seeing a new part […] Read on →

09.06.2015 | Christophe Luyten | EYCE News

Join the International Planning Committee for “Faces of Poverty”!

EYCE is currently preparing another event for the 2015 – a training course “Faces of Poverty: training course addressing poverty in the context of migration”, which will take place in Manchester, United Kingdom from 6th – 13th September, 2015. The current situation in Europe and around the world places migration and matters related to that in an important place. The lasting social crisis in Europe, which in some of the countries is still accompanied with […] Read on →

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