HIV Can Touch Everyone – Ecumenical Youth Fighting HIV/AIDS | 2005-2008

One of the issues that affect European Youth is (the) HIV/AIDS, which has currently been out of focus due to many political and economic changes in Europe. EYCE reflected on the fact, that AIDS and HIV have become common terms many young people use without reflection. The strong campaigning of the early 1990’s has no longer an impact on European youth, and as various types of anti-retroviral have been developed to treat the victims of the virus and the syndrome, young people are not focused on the seriousness of the issue. The silence on the matter exposes young people to an increased risk and the affected people to marginalization and prejudice.

EYCE felt that it is within the responsibility of EYCE to address this question. Therefore, in 2005 EYCE launched a campaign entitled “HIV can touch everyone – Ecumenical youth fighting HIV/AIDS”, which was successfully implemented for 3 years (2005 – 2007). The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness, fight prejudices and discuss the particular ways in which churches can (and should) take part in helping to stop the HIV/Aids pandemic. The vision of EYCE was to break the silence, increase the awareness among European youth and European churches and through action thereby overcome the discrimination and prejudices connected to HIV/AIDS.

The campaign consisted of a variety of elements – thematic events and awareness raising materials, as well as the final publication “HIV Can Touch Everyone – Ecumenical Youth Fighting HIV/ AIDS. A tool kit by the Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe, which you can read here.