The campaign will last from 2017 to 2019 and it will have a specific thematic focus for each year:

2017: Theology of Migration:

We would like to examine in depth the thematic exploring  different types of migration, various reasons of migration, terms definition and political aspects. In addition, we will pay a special attention to the Christian responsibility to welcome strangers, European hospitality and perspective of youth organizations, as well as enhancing differences and mutuality in theology and spirituality.

2018: Models of Integration and development of European Identity and Values

During this year we will dedicate our activities to the history of integration in Europe, how Europe has been changed, what models of integration were observed in past and what models we want to have now highlighting the point of view of other countries outside Europe and discussion of assimilation.

2019: Role of Youth Organizations in process of integration

For the last year we are planning to give a special attention to find positive aspects and to incite youth organization in being part of the Campaign and to be part and supporter of the sustainability of its outcomes.