See. Act. Change.

Welcome to the page of “See. Act. Change.”, the magazine of EYCE’s Campaign to Overcome Poverty “Break the Chains!”. The Campaign Coordination Team (CCT) is planning to publish two issues of the magazine per year. The issues will focus on the yearly theme of the campaign, starting from the mechanisms behind poverty to who and how is affected by it. The magazine will offer articles, photos inspiring personal stories and description of projects that are […] Read on →

The Leaf

Welcome on the page of the The Leaf! It is an important part of EYCE’s Campaign to Promote Ecological Justice alongside with other awareness raising materials. EYCE is planning to publish two editions of The Leaf per year. The magazines will highlight the yearly thematic focus of the campaign, for example theological or political perspectives of ecological justice, links between ecology, economy or politics or sustainability. You will find a great variety in the content […] Read on →

Fundamental Issues

Welcome on the page of the Fundamental Issues, the FI#. What you have now in front of your eyes are publications from our 3 year Campaign to Overcome Fundamentalism (2008-2010). In these magazines, you will find a vast approach to the theme of fundamentalism from different perspectives and in relation to other themes. We could mention our focus on fundamentalism and violence, or fundamentalism and human rights, but also other fields of interest are reflected […] Read on →

Annual Reports

In this section you can find Annual Reports from the past years. These Annual Reports summarise EYCE’s diverse work of one year, including the different themes and areas of work in which EYCE is involved. Enjoy reading through the reports and getting an impression of what our work looks like! All reports Read on →


Policy Paper of the European Ecumenical Youth for the Respect for the Integrity of Creation At the end of the three years of EYCE’s Campaign to Promote Ecological Justice a policy paper was adopted to summarise the experiences and determine the further steps regarding EYCE’s work on ecological Justice. The policy paper was adopted by teh 39th EYCE general Meeting, which took place in October 2013 in Brno, Czech Republic.   “We, the European ecumenical […] Read on →