EYCE Campaign to Promote Ecological Justice | 2011-2013

The environment is one of the most, if not THE most, challenging concern for contemporary society. It is clear that climate change is affecting the entire planet. How is an ecologically responsible way of thinking and living linked to wealth and poverty? To migration? How does the lack of natural resources caused by climate change trigger military conflicts and violence?
From 2011 – 2013 EYCE’s Campaign to Promote Ecological Justice joined the global movement towards greater environmental awareness and responsibility regarding how we live. Planet Earth is our only home, its ecosystems and landscapes have been increasingly degraded by past and current human activities, and therefore EYCE saw the need to adopt a more conscious approach on our living.
Our efforts were strengthened even more when we were reminded that there is profound injustice in our relationship with nature: while some groups and societies utilize the lion’s share of the Earth’s resources, a majority of deprived live under poor conditions and experience the hardest consequences of environmental impacts such as climate change. This showed us that environmental responsibility and social justice are intrinsically connected.
Ecological Justice Now!
The following objectives were set for the campaign:

  • to raise awareness on ecological issues in Europe and beyond;
  • to study the developments from conferences in Kyoto and Copenhagen;
  • to explore the relation between ecology, economy, politics and numerous conflicts;
  • to empower and support organizations and youths to promote a greener Europe;
  • to provide practical advice and tips for ecologically responsible lifestyles;
  • to develop a policy paper on ecological justice for the EYCE General Meeting in 2013;
  • to implement sustainable principles and methods in the life and work of EYCE.