Executive Committee

The EYCE Executive Committee (ExCo) is a board of seven volunteers, elected by the General Meeting for two years, who are responsible for the work of the Council and for the implementation of the mandates of the General Meeting. The ExCo takes all political decisions needed for the daily work of EYCE, in accordance with the mandates of the General Meeting.

New Executive Committee has been elected during the 43rd EYCE General Meeting, which tooked place in September 2021 online.

Steven Edwards, EYCE Chairperson


Spyridoula Fotunis, EYCE Vice-Chairperson

Hannah Weber, EYCE Treasurer

Hello everyone! My name is Hannah and I am currently 24. I am very happy to be be part of the ExCo again. First priority is to get the new ExCo on board and organise the finances and applications. I keep an eye on everything and get involved in the ongoing projects where help is needed. The projects will always have their own contact person in the ExCo, if not (yet), I am there for you!

Already since 2017 I was allowed to be part of the ExCo and meet many of you. I hope that we will have several more opportunities to do so during this period.

Inga Stoveland Dekko

Anne Heikkinen

I am Anne, 28-year-old lutheran pastor and again member of the ExCo. I live in Helsinki, Finland. My special interests are music, ecumenical and interfaith dialogue, and Middle East.

Christian Heidiss√łnn Klaussen

Aida Hanifi