Executive Committee

The EYCE Executive Committee (ExCo) is a board of seven volunteers, elected by the General Meeting for four years, who are responsible for the work of the Council and for the implementation of the mandates of the General Meeting. The ExCo takes all political decisions needed for the daily work of EYCE, in accordance with the mandates of the General Meeting.

New Executive Committee has been elected during the 41st EYCE General Meeting, which took place in September 2017 in Malaga, Spain.

Angelita Tomaselli, EYCE Chairperson

Hello everyone! My name is Angelita (Angie for shorts) and I come from Italy. I live in Rome, even though I was born in the South of Italy in a city called Reggio Calabria. I’m a member of the Evangelical Waldensian Church in Forano, a nice small village near Rome. The Waldensian Church is a Protestant Reformed Church and there are around one hundred Waldensian congregations in Italy. I’m the coordinator and the choirmaster of Church Youth Group. I study Theology at the Waldensian Faculty of Theology in Rome as I want to be a pastor. I like feeling involved in church life and activities, I like offering my godsends to the church. I earned a Master degree in Humane Letters and I’m also a reporter with experience in broadcast journalism in particular. I attend a German class and I enjoy a lot traveling and taking care of Nerone, my lovely little pug.

Andrea Ösp Andradóttir, EYCE Vice-Chairperson

Hi everyone! My name is Andrea Ösp and I’m 26 year old student from Iceland. I live in Reykjavík but I was born in Akureyri. I have a bachelor degree in Educational Studies. In the fall of 2017 I stared my masters in Human Resources Management. In the year 2007 I started to work for my local church, working with young children. A year later I started working as a youth leader, first in my local church and since then I have worked in several churches in Reykjavík area. In the year 2015 I joined the executive committee for ÆSKR, Association of Church Groups in the Reykjavík Deanery, and was voted chairperson in the year 2016 and 2017. My first experience of EYCE was the General Meeting 2015 in Finland. At that time I was chosen to be the new National Correspondent for Iceland. In the year 2015 I found the work of the ExCo exiting and it pushed me to take more part in EYCE work. I am happy to be the new Vice-Chairperson and I’m looking forward for the next two years.


Satu Koikkalainen, EYCE Treasurer

Hello everyone! My name is Satu (which means fairytale in Finnish, haha) and I am from Finland, originally from the city of famous opera festival, Savonlinna. Currently I live in Prague and try to became a proper Czech. I’m finishing my master’s in Lutheran theology, church history being my major. I am fascinated by solving methods of political and religious crises and one day I would like to use my knowledge of religions to solve some cases. I have been involved in EYCE activities since 2014 when I attended a study session about hate speech in religious contexts. That blew my mind and now I´m here in the ExCo as a treasurer, already on my second term. I love to sing in choirs, spend time near water and enjoy pure nature.

Aida Șelaru

Hello everyone! My name is Aida Șelaru, I am 22 years old and I come from Romania! Currently I live in Bucharest where I study for my masters degree in molecular biology. Since 2010 I am a volunteer for the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Romania, where I had the opportunity to learn how to be a youth leader. During this time as a volunteer I had the opportunity to meet a lot of great children, teenagers and young adults who helped me (in a way or another) to grow as a person and a leader. So far I had the chance to participate in two EYCE events where I could learn so many new things about other cultures and traditions from the other participants and I could also meet some amazing people. Being part of the ExCo is the highlight of my volunteering experience and I am looking forward for the coming time.

Antti Putila

I am 21 years old and I come from Helsinki, Finland.I am studying politics and communication in the University of Helsinki. My denomination is Orthodox. I have been doing a lot of youth work in my local church and I have been attending EYCE events as well. See you all in upcoming events!


Hannah Weber

Hi everyone. My name is Hannah, I am 19 years old and I am a youth worker from Potsdam in Germany. I have been active in the Federation of Protestant Youth in Germany for some years now. Besides practical youth work I used to be a delegate in the General Assembly and I am still a member of the committee on youth and children politics that is advising the board on said issues. EYCE is quite a new field for me but I am excited to contribute with my experiences and make new ones. 

Jonatan Abad Ruiz

Hello, I’m Jonathan Abad. I am 27 years old, I was born and raised in Madrid (Spain). I work for a non profit organization, where I coordinate volunteers and some of the main project of the organization. I am member of the IEE (Iglesia Evagélica Española), where I’m in charge of the Sunday School program. I have been related with several ecumenical events in Spain as the week of Prayer for Chrstian Unity and other conferences, meetings and events related with ecumenism, that is why im so happy to become part of EYCE. I like to meet new people spend time with friends and familly, I love to play sports, and discover new places.