Executive Committee

The EYCE Executive Committee (ExCo) is a board of seven volunteers, elected by the General Meeting for two years, who are responsible for the work of the Council and for the implementation of the mandates of the General Meeting. The ExCo takes all political decisions needed for the daily work of EYCE, in accordance with the mandates of the General Meeting.

New Executive Committee has been elected during the 43rd EYCE General Meeting, which tooked place in September 2021 online.

Steven Edwards, EYCE Chairperson

Hello everyone! My name is Steven and I am 26. I am from Germany and member of the evangelical church of westphalia (united). Besides my engagement in youth work and advocacy I studie theology and education.

I am so thrilled to be the new chairperson and to have some new people on board as well as people who were part of the previous ExCo. Together we can start into european and ecumanical activities and overcome the pandemic which was quite a burden for the previous ExCo as well as for all of us. I am looking forward to work with all of you to be a part of giving christian youth a strong voice in Europe and to offer platforms to come together, to learn from each other and to be a living part of the ecumenical movement.

Spyridoula Fotinis, EYCE Vice-Chairperson

Hello everyone! I’m Spyridoula and I’m an Orthodox Christian. I’m looking forward to serving on the ExCo and learning from all of you. A lot of my previous ecumenical work experience is from the United States, with some interfaith work in Europe. I’m excited to be part of EYCE and to be more involved in the ecumenical community in Europe. I hope we can plan activities and events that energize us after the past few years, and that are also filled with hope for the future. I currently live in Helsinki, Finland and study at the University of Helsinki.

Harald Dahler, EYCE Treasurer

My name is Harald, and I am from the northern part of Norway. I am 26 years old and study theology and education.

I have grown up in the Church of Norway, and have been active in the youth movement there for many years. In my spare time I like to do voluntary work and be with friends. I work at a soup kitchen run by the church.



Anne Heikkinen

I am Anne, 28-year-old lutheran pastor and again member of the ExCo. I live in Helsinki, Finland. My special interests are music, ecumenical and interfaith dialogue, and Middle East.


Inga Stoveland Dekko

My name is Inga and I’m from a small town in the east of Norway.
I’m a newly elected ExCo-member and is excited to learn and work with ecumenical councils, bodies and people around Europe. I’m a 20 year old Lutheran who likes music, literature and politics.

Aida Hanifi

Hello my name is Aida Hanifi. I am from Finland and living in Hesinki.

I have studied now two years to be teacher of early childhood education. I am an Orthodox Christian and usualy I am active doing cafe and something to eat.