Executive Committee

The EYCE Executive Committee (ExCo) is a board of currently five volunteers, elected by the General Meeting for two years, who are responsible for the work of the Council and for the implementation of the mandates of the General Meeting. The ExCo takes all political decisions needed for the daily work of EYCE, in accordance with the mandates of the General Meeting.

New Executive Committee has been elected during the 45th EYCE General Meeting, which took place in August 2023 in Poland.

Aino Vihonen, EYCE Chairperson

Hello everyone! I’m Aino and I’m a Lutheran Christian from Finland. I have a master’s degree in theology, focusing on ecumenism, interfaith dialogue and feminist theology. My experience in ecumenism in action is but a couple of years old, but it has gotten my heart already.

As the chairperson of EYCE I’m looking forward to serving the youth and the ecumenical community in Europe. I hope we can plan activities and events that bring us as Christians together in Europe, over borders and differences.



Steven Edwards, EYCE Vice-Chairperson

Hello everyone! My name is Steven and I am 28. I am from Germany and member of the evangelical church of westphalia (united). Besides my engagement in youth work and advocacy I study theology and education.

I have a strong passion for youth advocacy and strengthening the voices of marginalized groups. I am looking forward to create platforms to come together, to learn from each other and to be a living part of the ecumenical movement.


Harald Dahler, EYCE Treasurer

My name is Harald, and I am from the northern part of Norway. I am 26 years old and study theology and education.

I have grown up in the Church of Norway, and have been active in the youth movement there for many years. In my spare time I like to do voluntary work and be with friends. I work at a soup kitchen run by the church.



Saara Alamäki

Hei! My name is Saara, 24, and I am a Lutheran Christian from Finland! I am finishing my master’s studies in Western theology. Prior to my role in the ExCo, I have been active in the Student Christian Movement in Finland, the youth commission of the Finnish Ecumenical Council and the youth commission for CORE-forum (Interfaith dialogue).

For my free time I play roller derby and care for my (and others’) houseplants.


Aida Hanifi

Hello my name is Aida Hanifi. I am from Finland and living in Hesinki.

I have studied now two years to be teacher of early childhood education. I am an Orthodox Christian and usualy I am active doing cafe and something to eat.