Executive Committee

The EYCE Executive Committee (ExCo) is a board of seven volunteers, elected by the General Meeting for two years, who are responsible for the work of the Council and for the implementation of the mandates of the General Meeting. The ExCo takes all political decisions needed for the daily work of EYCE, in accordance with the mandates of the General Meeting.

New Executive Committee has been elected during the 42nd EYCE General Meeting, which took place in October 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

Hannah Weber, EYCE Chairperson

Hello everyone! My name is Hannah and I am currently 22. I am very happy to bring the boat back on course together with you. I keep an eye on everything and get involved in the ongoing projects where help is needed. The projects always have their own contact person in the ExCo, if not (yet), I am there for you!

Already since 2017 I was allowed to be part of the ExCo and meet many of you. I hope that we will have several more opportunities to do so during this period. I grew up in beautiful Potsdam. Since I was twelve years old I am rooted in the church youth work and I hope to be able to contribute some of my experience. Currently I live in Berlin, love to cook and play the saxophone.

Katherine Jolly, EYCE Vice-Chairperson

My name’s Katherine, I’m a student of business & psychology and I work in HR. I enjoy sleeping, roller- and ice skating, and… did I mention sleeping? My first EYCE General Meeting was in 2007, and since then I’ve loved how EYCE brings together people of different opinions to have a real conversation that’s not necessarily about changing points of view, but just about walking along the road together. I feel like that approach is a great bridge between different sides of topics that cause so much separation and hatred in our societies. I’m looking forward to these two years till the next GM and am excited to work with the ExCo!

Julia Palosara, EYCE Interim-Treasurer

Hi, I’m Julia from Finland and a new¬† member in EYCE’s Executive Comittee. At the moment I’m the interim treasurer and also working as membership coordinator with Anne. It’s my second year of studying medicine in the University of Turku. I’m an orthodox christian, love singing very much and belong to a church choir. Also another dear hobby of mine is powerlifting. I find that having versatile hobbies on leisure time really balances out my demanding studies.

Nora Antonsen

Hi everyone! My name is Nora Antonsen, and I come from Grovfjord in the North of Norway. Right now I am living in Trondheim where I study Applied Physics and Mathematics which is a Master’s Degree Programme. I have been active within the Church of Norway (Evangelical Lutheran Church) as long as I can remember. The first years through children’s activities, then through volunteering as a youth leader which evolved to a wish to work for a better church for the young people. Right now I am a part of the national youth council in the Church of Norway which is the executive body of the youth synod. So far I only have attended one General Meeting of the EYCE, but I am really looking forward to the next years working for the ExCo. I am exited to learn a lot from others and to contribute with my experience from my background.

Anne Heikkinen

I am Anne, 26-year-old Student of Theology and Membership Coordinator of EYCE. I live in Helsinki, Finland. My special interests are music, ecumenical and interfaith dialogue, and Middle East. I am Lutheran and hopefully I will be a pastor of my church someday.

Maria Sonnleithner

Hi everyone. My name is Maria, I am currently a student of Ethics and Protestant Religion as part of a teaching program. Additionally, I am already a teacher of English and History. When I am not studying I am spending my time to help out in church in different capacities from children and youth work to women’s work up to various international meetings I have done it all. Additionally I am also a passionate organizer or various events, dancer (primarily swing dances), reader, chef and general foodie.