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General Secretary

The management of the office, the external representation of EYCE, preparation and implementation of decisions taken by the ExCo, keeping communication with Member Organisations and co-ordination of the activities within EYCE is the job of the only person who has an income within EYCE, namely the General Secretary. The GS can be employed up to six years and he or she is the one you will have most contact with within EYCE.






EYCE’s Volunteer Programme aims at providing training for young people as youth leaders/workers involved in European/ national organisations. It also gives an opportunity for young people to work in an international organisation and get involved in intercultural learning. Every year EYCE hosts up to two volunteers in the office in Brussels.


Our previous volunteers


Pierre Jeudy: volunteered in EYCe office in 2016-2017

image-1Hi everyone ! I’m Pierre Jeudy, and since September 2016, I’m one of the two volunteers at the EYCE office in Brussels. To learn more about me, I’m 20 years old and I come from a little city in the west of France. I’ve studied 2 years to become a notary clerk, but that was not really for me. So I decided to take one year for myself, to discover another culture and place and to get a new experience, that’s why I’m here now ! I’m really enthusiastic about the idea of working in an organisation like EYCE because I want to help people and act with new persons about a lot of important subjects. Otherwise, I think that I’m a calm and listening person and I would like to meet some people from other countries to exchange and in the same time improve my skills in English.

Pedro de Grado Nadal: volunteered in EYCe office in 2016-2017

imageHola, hello everyone!! My name is Pedro and I’m 21 years old. I’m from Madrid in Spain and I’m the new volunteer at the EYCE office since September 2016. In June of 2016 I finished my studies as engineer in Spain and I decided to come to Brussels to continue with my training, because here I have the chance to improve my communication skills in other languages and to develop other aspects both personal and professional. Thanks to EYCE I could come to Brussels, the European capital. And, of course, Brussels is a city well situated in Europe so it allows you to travel easily around Europe.



Judith Seliger: volunteered in the EYCE office in 2016

Judith Seliger

Hola, Salut, Hallo! My name is Judith and I am 18 years old. My country of origin is Germany, where I used to live in a village close to Berlin. First I was a little bit scared considering city life, but I discovered that Brussels is the perfect place for me to be. Here I can link all my interests, e.g. learning languages, reading, travelling and eating cheese. In 2015 I graduated from high school and worked for half a year in an old people’s home. What impressed me the most was the unprejudiced and merciful attitude of the seniors. I take that as an inspiring example for my work for EYCE, especially the training course “Cut the prejudice”, which I will work on especially.


Manon Schilder: volunteered in the EYCE office in 2015-2016

IMG_20151012_100103Hello everyone ! My name is Manon Schilder, and I am the new volunteer at the EYCE office since September 2015. I’m from a little village next to Strasbourg in France, not far away from the German border. I have studied social sciences, political science and finally European policies. European Union and more generally Europe, has always been a part of my life, living next to three borders, enjoying the Erasmus program in Istanbul, Turkey, for one year and finally, getting my Master’s degree in this field. I am passionate about travelling and discovering new cultures, new way of living, new way of thinking. And of course, new specialities ! Knowing each other and knowing the culture of each other is the best way for learning to live together in harmony. Thanks to EYCE, I can work on this, by raising awareness among young people to the situation of the people in need, such as homeless people, migrants, in a European environment, collaborating with young people from every part of Europe.


Michael Luis: volunteered in the EYCE office in 2014-2015

M2Hello, my name is Michael Luis, but everyone just calls me Mika. I’m 25 years old and I come from Bordeaux, in France, however I’m a Portuguese guy born in Switzerland. I’ve studied criminal psychology and I want to work in the future with young delinquents by helping them get back into society.
I’ve always had in me the need to discover and learn about other cultures. I consider myself to be someone really open minded, so I’m always up for new adventures, new feeling, new traditions and people. It’s naturally that I turn to EYCE and their “Break the Chains!”campaign, since I think everyone deserves to have the best life they can.
I’m a calm and always optimistic person, looking constantly to learn more about everything, from pastry to mythology, from religion to literature; I consider myself a well of unuseful facts. I hope that one day I can make a difference in this world, and maybe EYCE will help me achieve this goal.


Valentin Graeter: volunteered in the EYCE office in 2013-2014

Valentin GraeterHello everyone! My name is Valentin Graeter. I am the new volunteer at the EYCE office since September 2013. My main focus will be working on the EYCE’s campaign dealing with the issue of poverty in Europe called “Break the Chains!” But I will also get involved in other projects too. I am 18 years old and I come the beautiful city of Cologne in Germany. Right before my voluntary service at the EYCE I passed my final exams at school, so called Abitur. The reason I decided to volunteer with EYCE is that it is an organisation filling in various fields of actions based on a mutual belief in Jesus and Christian values. Besides, I consider EYCE as a great opportunity to get involved with issues everybody is concerned with for, example ecological justice. And, of course, Brussels is a great city to be! A multicultural spot right in the center of Europe. I consider Brussels to be a perfect fit for an organisation like  EYCE. The city represents lively values shared by the EYCE, like international cooperation and tolerance. In my spare time I really like playing basketball  and getting involved in any kind of issue. Furthermore, I am really into traveling and discovering new cultures and above all meeting new interesting people. My personal preference, I have to admit that, is France. I already spent several months participating in the Voltaire Platform in France. But it does not mean that I appreciate other countries less.


Pauline Rosselin: volunteered in the EYCE office in 2013-2014

exco 005Hi everybody! My name is Pauline, and I am a volunteer at the EYCE office since June 2013. I will be working on EYCE’s Campaign to Promote Ecological Justice during my mission with EYCE. I am 24 and I come from Bourges, a city in the centre of France. I have studied biology and biotechnology linked to food production and environment in France. Biology studies have strongly increased my environmental sensitivity. Nature is so fascinating in all its diversity! I think that we are entirely responsible for our environment, since we are a part of it. It is our duty to take care of it and to preserve its beauty and equilibrium. If we all could participate to this effort at our own level, that would make quite a difference! Therefore, I always wanted to actively participate to environmental projects. Thanks to EYCE’s Campaign to Promote Ecological Justice, I feel really involved in making a difference. I feel that I am contributing to concrete and stimulating projects. In addition, I like the multicultural and the open-minded aspects of EYCE and being a part of a wide European network. I love to travel and to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. I had the chance to do internships abroad during my studies, in United States and Denmark, and to travel many times through Europe. As a gourmet, I always want to taste typical meals and to discover new flavours when I travel!


Alicia Hamet: volunteered in the EYCE office in 2012

Hi Everyone! My name is Alicia and I’ve been a volunteer at EYCE Office since May 2012. I am 23 years old and come from the city of Lille, in the north of France. I have always felt part of our globalised world and I have rarely felt more European than working with EYCE! I have actually come to realise through travels, volunteering and experiences abroad, that I want to get involved in what I stand for and make a difference. I really enjoy working within EYCE, a young, small and international environment. And above all, people who live by their faith and principles! I have always appreciated meeting people from different continents, cultures and backgrounds, and working with EYCE seems like a really promising experience in that regards. On top of that, both my bachelor in Political Sciences, majoring in Politics, Economics and Society and my master degree in Management of Cultural Institutions enable me to approach EYCE with quite a wide scope. My main focus among EYCE’s various actions is the awareness campaign to promote ecological justice.