General Meeting

The General Meeting is the main decision making body of Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe. It is being assembled every second year. The General Meeting decides upon the future work and shape of EYCE. The General Meeting has the following competences: accepting or expulsing members; electing the Executive Committee and Internal Auditors, discussing and receiving the reports presented by EYCE’s working bodies, approving the budget and fees for the next two years, establishing working groups and deciding on EYCE’s thematic work.

41st General Meeting 2017

Delegates and guests of 41st General Meeting of EYCE

At the end of the 41st General Meeting of EYCE, which was held in Malaga, Spain 14th-17th September 2017, it is once again clear how participation on ecumenical movement can change lives. This was a statement heard several times both from long-time volunteers of EYCE as well as from those who after attending events were taking steps for further commitment to the organisation. During the General Meeting the delegates coming from eleven Member Organisations planned […] Read on →

40th General Meeting 2015

On the afternoon of Sunday the 25th of this month, the 40th General Meeting was officially closed by the newly-elected Chairperson Lisa Schneider. Sixteen years after the 30th GM was held in Villa Hvittorp, Finland, the EYCE returned to the venue of Kirkkonummi, Finland. Seventeen Delegates from twelve Member Organisations were present and worked hard on developing the vision, programme framework and budget for the upcoming two years. The new Vision states the following: EYCE being the only pan-european […] Read on →

39th General Meeting 2013

The 39th General Meeting of the Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe took place from 14th – 20th October 2013 in Brno, Czech Republic and brought together more than 20 young people as delegates, guests and stewards to the General Meeting. The General Meeting was hosted by Czechoslovak Hussite Church and EYCE’s Czech member organisation, the Youth Committee of Ecumenical Council of Churches in the Czech Republic. EYCE is deeply grateful for the support, care and […] Read on →

38th General Meeting 2011

EYCE starts a new working cycle after the 38th General Meeting “My strongest impression from the General Meeting was to see the commitment and enthusiasm of the Member Organisations to the work of EYCE“, said newly elected Chairperson of EYCE Catharina Covolo. The 38th General Meeting of the Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe took place from 17th – 23rd of October 2011 in Höchst (Odenwald), Germany, and brought together more than 40 young people as […] Read on →

37th General Meeting 2009

From 4th to 10th of May 2009, 37th EYCE General Meeting took place in Ķekava, Latvia. It gathered EYCE member Organisations’ delagates and guests from EYCE’s partner organisations – WCC and WSCF Europe. Due to recent changes in Council’s life the GM was held significantly earlier than it is according to ususal practice. Nevertheless the GM was successful and brought new ideas and commitments. The delegates of the Member Organisations reviewed the work of the […] Read on →

36th General Meeting 2007

More than forty EYCE Member Organisations’ delegates, partners, national and international guests gathered together from the 22nd to the 28th of October for the 36th General Meeting in Prali, Italy. The meeting in Prali brought significant changes to the life of EYCE. The delegates of EYCE Member organisations reviewed the work undertaken by the Council in the last two years, and shaped EYCE’s policies and priorities for the next two: a renewed commitment and deeper […] Read on →

35th General Meeting 2005

The 35th Anniversary General Meeting of EYCE was held in Turku, Finland from 24th – 30th October 2005. More than 40 delegates and guests came together to discuss and decide on the future thematic focuses of EYCE, to elect a new Executive Committee and to further develop together EYCE’s identity and its role in ecumenical youth work in Europe. The Executive Committee, the Treasurer and the General Secretary presented their reports and stimulated a discussion […] Read on →