National Correspondents Meeting 2022

Dear Friends, dear National Correspondents,

Greetings from the Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe!

We hope this invitation finds you well! As the Executive Committee (ExCo), we would like to invite you to the Meeting of National Correspondents (NCs Meeting), which will take place from 16-19 June in Brașov, Romania.

The invitation upholds the tradition to hold important, but shorter and less formal meetings, in between our General Meetings (GM). We would like to warmly invite you to Brașov, Romania as the NC or representative of EYCE member organisations, to once again meet in person and to “…share, to pray and celebrate, to learn, lead and act” (EYCE mission statement).

The meeting will allow us all to get to know each other, commence collaboration between the NCs and ExCo again after four years of no in-person meeting, and share what is going on in EYCEs member organisations, the ExCo and what EYCE is currently working on. Aside from the official agenda, EYCE meetings are always fun and provide you with an enriching intercultural experience. Therefore, we would really encourage you to join us.

As part of the meeting, we would like to give everyone an opportunity to get to know the different member organisations a bit better. Even if you are not able to send a representative to the event we would appreciate it if you were able to send some information about your organisation and current activities and main thematic focus. Please send a short overview (max one page) to This document is relevant not only for the ones attending.

We hope you will be able to join us, and we look forward to your participation. As for the practical information, as well as the detailed agenda and the schedule, we would like to ask you for patience regarding very concrete details. We are still in negotiations and preparations. All updates will be published here!

We will be accommodated in Casa Parohia Evanghelică Vulcan, Vulcan Nr. 3, RO-507270 Vulcan-Wolkendorf, so it will take at least a 3 hour journey from Bucharest. Therefore we will arrange a shuttle by bus and train in smaller groups. Please indicate in the registration form your approximate arrival time.

Please let us know the latest by 20th of May 2022, if you will be attending the NCs Meeting by using the registration form. If you will not be able to come yourself, we would welcome a representative in your place. Representation from your member organisation is really very important to us!

Please note that the participation fee for the meeting is 100,- EUR. This amount is payable by bank transfer, cash at the event or will be deducted from the reimbursement, if applicable.

If your organisation is not able to cover your travel expenses EYCE reimbursement policy foresees the following entitlements for travel subsidies:

90 % for participants from Bulgaria, Romania;
70% for participants from Czech Republic, Estonia , Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland, Russia;
50% for participants from Belgium, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Portugal;
Up to 25% for participants from all other countries with a special need for assistance

Please note that if you require (partial) reimbursement of your travel expenses, you must seek written approval of your itinerary from the EYCE Treasurer. Please DO NOT BOOK your trip without approval. Contact with your proposed itinerary.

Please register by 20 May 2022

Yours in Christ, 

Steven, Spyridoula, Hannah, Anne, Inga, Aida, Christian