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Meet Ana, Eka, Mariam, Layal, Alex and Majd!
These 6 young people from Georgia, Lebanon and Palestine will be taking part in the EYCE seminar “Be the Generation of Peace!” in Serbia.
EYCE is always trying to make it easier for young people to participate in its events by offering travel subsidies. Especially for young people coming form not that wealthy regions.
However, being a youth organisation, it is not always so easy, as we have limited project budgets. So this is where you can help!
What can you do?
We have raised most of the funds necessary for the project from Council of Europe and United Methodist church. However, still a little co-funding is needed! We need additional 480 euros to support the travel costs of Ana, Eka, Mariam, Layal, Alex and Majd to Novi Sad in Serbia!
We hope that you can help with a little amount and spread the information, so that those 6 young people can learn about peace and conflict resolution and bring the knowledge and skills gained back home, where it is most needed!
Thank you!
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