Theatre of the Opressed travels to Jordan

JordanAs part of series of conferences to develop the capabilities of youth workers and leaders in Jordan a conference was held in Amman, Jordan, from the 14th – 17th of October 2013, which included 70 youth workers and leaders from all around Jordan. They were introduced to several techniques to help reach out to the youth among which was the introduction to the “Theatre of the Oppressed” which I had been introduced to at the EYCE seminar “Be the Generation of Peace!” in Novi Sad, Serbia this past summer. The introduction was through games inspired from the book “Games for Actors and Non Actors” – Augusto Boal. There was a special emphasis on the Forum theatre which expressed two major conflicts in the Jordanian society which included discrimination against those of Palestinian origin and against women. The Theatre of the Oppressed seminar extended for 6 hours over which the youth leaders were able to express their personal as well as the society’s oppressors and we collaborated to find reasonable solutions for these problems. We also visited The Jordan River where Christ was baptized and we prayed for the liberation of all people around the world from the different types of oppression.

Greetings from Lebanon,
Alexandre Roumi