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The recent financial and socio-economic crisis in Europe has revealed that lack of employment is only the top of the iceberg of very complex underlying socio-economic issues, one of them being poverty. Despite of the focus on developing countries, when speaking of absolute poverty, tacking the theme would be not complete without taking into account our nearest neighbours in need. Learning to see those in need, learning to identify patterns that sustain poverty, understanding the connections form poverty to other issues, such as health, education and more, and finally – showing solidarity are the key things to be able to combat poverty also globally!
Therefore EYCE organised a training course “Poverty Exposed!”, which took place from 4th – 11th of May 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
In this training course, an encouraging learning environment was offered to participants to share and learn! There were enriching talks from experts, as well as practical workshops that provided the participants with tools to break the patterns of poverty and actually help the people in need and work to improve conditions in their own home society and abroad!
Anthony Kehinde from Nigeria took part in this training course, actively participated and learned about poverty in European and global contexts. He was keen and enthusiastic to share his knowledge about situation in Nigeria and his expertise in dealing with this issue. It is more than clear that the knowledge and skills that Anthony gained in the training course he will be able to use at home to address poverty in his own context, thus contribution to alleviation of poverty on a global level!
Anthony’s travel and visa were very expensive. We have raised most of the funds necessary for the project from Council of Europe and Bread for the World. However, still a little co-funding is needed! We need additional 334 euros to support the travel costs of Anthony!
We hope that you can help with a little amount and spread the information, so that the knowledge and skills can be brought back to Nigeria :-)