Campaign Coordination Team visits Hungary, Moldova and Romania

CCT_ChisinauFrom 11th – 17th of October 2014, the Campaign Coordination Team (CCT) of EYCE’s Campaign to Overcome Poverty “Break the Chains!” visited three countries in Central and Eastern Europe – Hungary, Moldova and Romania to exchange experiences, learn and share about the issues addressed by the campaign. These visits were a good opportunity to share the goals and achievements of the campaign so far, to meet local organisations working towards the same objectives, as well as share the knowledge and offer practical workshops to the local young people.
Much time during the visit was dedicated in learning more about the work and problems of different local organisations fighting poverty in different levels. The CCT received a great input to their work, as well as ideas and possibilities for cooperation in future projects. They also got the opportunity to propose workshops to really motivated young people. The workshops offered knowledge on the issues related to poverty, e.g. the mechanisms of poverty, as well as practical tools to utilise in their work on local level through the workshop on advocacy. The sessions were very successful and resulted in mutual learning.
Local Visits workshopOne of the most important part of the visits was the Sharewich Day. This initiative was the most visible activity of the campaign in 2014 organised by EYCE and it fell on the last two days of the visits. The Campaign Coordination Team got the opportunity to share not only sandwiches, but also water and sweets to homeless people, poor children and other people in need in the streets of Bucharest and Sibiu in Romania. The CCT will offer more insight and overview of this action, its successes and difficulties to the readers of “See. Act. Change.”, the campaign online magazine, which will be published in several weeks..
CCT also took the time to visit different denominational churches and meet with locals, discussing the current situation on poverty in each country. They also observed first hand the life conditions of homeless people and hope to show the world what they experienced and share their ideas on how to fight it.
EYCE and the Campaign Coordination Team are looking forward to an interesting and fruitful cooperation with the organisations they met!
The project was supported by the Council of Europe and Bread for the World.