Join the International Planning Committee for “Faces of Poverty”!

Campaign-logo_FINAL_squareEYCE is currently preparing another event for the 2015 – a training course “Faces of Poverty: training course addressing poverty in the context of migration”, which will take place in Manchester, United Kingdom from 6th – 13th September, 2015.

The current situation in Europe and around the world places migration and matters related to that in an important place. The lasting social crisis in Europe, which in some of the countries is still accompanied with a severe economic difficulties, causes high intra-European migration, which is not easy to handle for the governments and official structures. Often the support and social work with the migrants falls into the hands of churches and church related organisations. The same, and even to the extent of more sensitive situations, can be said about migration caused by the current political situation globally. With this training course EYCE will seek to address these issues, as well as exploring the potential role young people can play.

The main working method of EYCE is non-formal education, so it will be the task of the IPC to create an exciting programme for the training course and explore the issues of poverty in the context of migration together with the participants by discussions, exchange of experiences and sharing stories, learning from good practices, learning by doing through the role games and practical workshops!

Do you feel that you might be enjoying this? Or have you already participated in an EYCE activity and want to be involved more? Then being part of an IPC for the upcoming EYCE training course is for you!

The training course will aim to facilitate understanding about links among migration, social exclusion and poverty, and empowering young participants to take an action in their context to alleviate social exclusion and poverty.

Following objectives have been identified to achieve the aim:
– to explore and analyse the links between migration, social exclusion and poverty;
– to raise awareness on and provide the knowledge about the different types of migration;
– to explore the Biblical and philosophical concepts of solidarity and active involvement in society;
– to enhance the understanding of the necessity to address social exclusion and its implications on different groups in society;
– to equip the participants with the necessary skills and methods to address negative effects of poverty and social exclusion.

This event will be part of EYCE’s Campaign to Overcome Poverty “Break the Chains!”

EYCE is looking to approach a diversity of themes and concepts during the training course, as well as use a variety of methodologies and experiences. Therefore we are looking for IPC members with a genuine interest in social justice and alleviation of poverty, yet from a diversity of backgrounds – youth work, law, activism, creative occupations and more!

The first IPC meeting is scheduled: 5th – 7th June 2015, Manchester, UK
The second IPC meeting is scheduled: just prior to the training course, 4th – 6th September, Manchester, UK
The training course is scheduled: 6th – 13th September, Manchester, UK

You can find the application form and more information below. For more information please contact your National Correspondent or the EYCE office at!

Please send back your filled application to no later than 20th May 2015!

Call for IPC_Faces of Poverty

The project is supported by the Council of Europe and Bread for the World.