Join the International Planning Committee for “Cut the prejudice”!

BaumEYCE is currently preparing an event “CUT THE PREJUDICE! different religious traditions under the lens of a camera”  in Berlin, Germany from the 11th – 17th April 2016

Did you know?

• The word “fundamentalism” was first used in 1909 by the American protestant church to denote faith foundations priority against the opening to the modern society of the church itself;

• Religions themselves can be sources of expressions and sentiments of prejudice, even though they promote human values of love and tolerance;

• Religion is used as a tool to protect the national identity when it is feared to be in danger


The media is strongly focusing on religious extremism, causing prejudice towards religious people, religions, denominations and churches. Religions are perceived as a threat to a peaceful and inclusive society. But what do religions have to offer despite prejudice and public opinion? EYCE wants to get to the bottom of this question and scrutinise denominations and religions in Europe carefully. The creation of a short documentary, where people from different religions and social backgrounds would share what their religion means to them and how it shapes their daily lives, emotions, feelings, interaction with others, will be an example of power of stereotypes and, at the same time, the tool to overcome them.

What it has to do with you

We invite you to become part of the International Planning Committee (IPC) to make this project a reality…

• to execute and further develop your leadership skills and contribute with your experiences to a shared objective in an ecumenical and international team;

• to train and empower the participants to use the storytelling and practical tools in their own contexts and communities to prevent conflicts and religious fundamentalism in the society;

• to show different religions can peacefully coexist even if they have their own specific theological aspects

• and finally to meet lots of people from all over Europe and different religious traditions and work, celebrate, dicuss and pray together.


youth leaders and young people (18-30 years) …actively engaged their communities and coming from EYCE’s network.


All Preparation Meetings as well as the project itself will be held in Berlin, Germany. The venue in Berlin is to be announced. There will be further travel instructions. Also assistance with the planning is of course possible.


English It will be essential for all the IPC Members to understand and speak English.


To apply please fill in the application form and send it together with an endorsement from your Member Organisation to

APPLICATION FORM – IPC – Cut the Prejudice

Call IPC_cut the prejudice

Deadline for receiving applications: 15th december midnight CET


For IPC Members all travel costs as well as board and lodging is covered by EYCE. Please note that a health insurance is NOT arranged by EYCE!

The project is supported by the Council of Europe.