Campaign Coordination Team met in Brussels

12366229_963581937023452_5190991457623404500_n Just before Holy Christmas-December 11-13th, almost whole “Break the chains!” EYCE‘s Campaign’s Coordination Team gathered to evaluate the year 2015 and plan the coming.

The work of CCT started on early Saturday morning with funny energizers so we could start the work full of new energy.

During the second session evaluation of the CCT and year 2015 took place.

It was mentioned by Vendy, Lina and Maxim that there was a lack of motivation and collaboration between the members of the ex-CCT. During the summer CCT had difficulties in communication and organization, local visits were postponed. Due to the lack of motivation, CCT structure has changed: 3 members have left the team and 3 have joined- Hilder, Satu and EYCE’s volunteer Manon. After this change everyone seemed to be enthusiastic and optimistic about the work and new structure.

Despite the obstacles CCT experienced during the 2015 an event in Manchester, Prague and local visits in Greece, Spain and Italy were organized.

During the second session communication strategy also identification of skills and division of tasks were discussed. The importance of quick response to e-mails (within 2 days) was stressed out. Also Manon came into charge of sending an email every Monday to remind what CCT has to do and Vendy responsible to check if everyone does the work. The date for Skype meetings taking place every month was set. As well as social media ( Facebook) tasks were discussed. Every week, each member (responsible for the week) can post one article about CCT work, and one personal. The objective is to reach 500 likes. We have also to have one post about Sharewich day (testimonies, recipe…).

Main skills of the CCT as the team were identified- as we’re dynamic, creative, with big smile all the time. Maxim is a “creative soul”, creates different things even if when he has no time. He would be able to help more with online magazine articles because he is now a youth leader in his church. He can maybe help for Sharewich day, and generate some content for Facebook. Lina is good at organizing things, events, training courses. She’s creative as well and has good ideas. Satu is an expert on face-to-face communication and chatting with people but no as a workshop leader. She is also good for the planning side. As the volunteer of the office, Manon can be helpful for all kind of tasks (organizational, workshops,…) but not for design. As well she like to talk a lot :). Vendy’s strong from organizational side, likes to work with people and discuss. Also good for the administrative things.

12321127_963985256983120_8674846483041800531_nTired as well happy for the fruitful work of the day we went to Molenbeek, where a store for all donations for refugees is set up. So we helped to sort clothes ( which fit for women, children and men) for one hour and a half. We’ve finished the .day with some team-building during the game with lasers.

It was an early Sunday morning when we started our work. The first session started with planning of 2016.

As for local visits (when CCT meets the members of different NGO working with poverty) it was decided to stick to the plan and visit Germany, France, Belgium. They are planed for June. For the practical side, we decided to split them and to do Belgium and France together and then Germany (or Germany first, then France + Germany).We also thought that it is easier if the native speakers help us to organize the events.

Two events for the year 2016- one in Lisbon and Capacity building were discussed. As there were too little information as well we had to consult Executive committee, we decided to talk about the plans later.

Later on the Sharewich day was discussed (takes place on 16th of each month and invites everyone to share a sandwich with someone else- colleague, friend or a stranger). The overall concept is successful but we have to think how we can make it more visualized. We have some ideas from Spanish ASP. We could write manual, a brochure, in order to make it understandable including 5 tips. Also we have to organize something big on 16th of October. For the other months, we decided to organize the Sharewich day on the week of the 16th. We’ll send reminders during the week before an event.

Things that we still need to do for the Online Magazine were discussed. It should be published the last week of December. For the next year, we decided to start to collect articles earlier.

As for the promotional materials, for the year 2015 bags, notebooks, stickers are ongoing. We should receive them till the end of December.

As the time passed really fast, during the last session of our meeting the budget of the campaign was discussed. Satu presented to the CCT the budget that we have for the next year.

The whole weekend passed really fast and all present members of the CCT left Brussels tired but happy and optimistic about the campaign and it’s future.