Study session “Let’s talk about Sexuality” in Budapest



Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe (EYCE) and World Student Christian Federation – Europe (WSCF-E) invite you to apply for the Study Session

“Let´s Talk about Sexuality – The Explosive Power of Taboo Subjects”

that will take place at the European Youth Centre in Budapest, 8-15th May 2016.


This Study Session will explore the issues related to broadly understood sexuality, providing special space for the Christian understandings of the theme. It will critically address and explore relevant topics and issues from a multi-denominational Christian perspective.


The study session will address the questions below and many others:

  • WHAT is Sexuality? How do we understand the differences between sexual identity, sexual expression and gender/sex?
  • WHY do young people need to discover their own identity? How do we analyse the consequences of sexuality being a taboo topic in Europe? How do we detect the mechanisms of discrimination and respond to the need for a safe environment?
  • WHAT circumstances are needed for young people to discover their sexual identity? What is needed for a safe environment in which one feels able to express oneself?
  • HOW can the society be changed? To know how to create a safe environment a for others to express themselves
  • WHAT is the teaching of the Churches in this subject? Are the teachings of the Churches irreconcilable/incompatibile with the equality principles?


The programme will be based on the approaches and methodologies of non-formal education and will include:

  • Mutual learning across cultures and denominations
  • Practical creative workshops
  • Interaction with guest speakers / experts / practitioners
  • Provision of space for exchanging skills and knowledge, and experience as well as examples of good practice in gender plurality
  • visits to local NGO´s, which deals with the issue explored at the Session

Participation fee

50€ (Euros) including accommodation, meals and programme.

Travel subsidies

Travel expenses of the participants will fully covered by the Council of Europe on the condition that participants arrange their journeys in the most economical manner possible. The reimbursement is conditional upon 80% of attendance in the sessions and on basis of providing relevant invoices.


Obtaining a visa may take several weeks. Please submit your application form as soon as possible and make sure that you know what is required to obtain a visa in your country. Do not apply for a visa before you have been accepted to participate in the study session. Further support in obtaining a visa will be provided.

Application deadline

25th of February 2016, midnight CET.

Please fill in the online application, which can be found here:

Further information

Need more information? Feel free to inquire at! More information concerning travel arrangements will be provided for the selected participants.

International Planning Committee

Natia Tsintsadze (WSCF, Italy)

Pawel Pustelnik (EYCE, United Kingdom)

Satu Koikkalainen (EYCE, Finland)

Pavlina Manavska (WSCF-E, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)  

Pawel Cecha (WSCF-E, Poland)

Jakub Niewiadomski (EYCE, Poland)

Maria Koutatzi (CoE)