EYCE Christmas Letter 2017

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3,16)

Dear reader,


Another year is coming to an end and another year passing means a lot in EYCE life.

In the past two years EYCE had to face some difficult circumstances that put our strength to such an hard test: no General Secretary neither volunteers in EYCE Office in Brussels and some crucial financial issues.

Our effort, commitment and own capacities in working together as a team helped us to carry on and we are still here, ready to see what the future reserves to EYCE.


Besides of circumstances,  2017 has been a good year!

Two great events have been held: “Theology of Migration” in Stockholm, Sweden and “Role of churches in modern society” in Palermo, Italy.

These events raised many different questions and identified new ways of thinking and addressing certain problems that we live in our churches and in our society.

They worked, in a way, as a “wake up call” and opened our eyes to many circumstances.

We strengthened relationships, we had interesting conversations, we laughed together, we built new friendships, met new people from different contexts and different backgrounds, we shared incredible and meaningful experiences.

These two events helped us to approach the different realities of people and cruel injustices in this world.


The 2017 has been the year of our 41st General Meeting that took place in Malaga, Spain. We had the pleasure to meet our Member Organisations, our friends and supporters. We had valuable and precious contributes from them that encouraged us to overcome some crucial challenges and gave us new perspectives, new strengths.

Thanks to the passion and commitment of all, we found ways to get ahead, survive and keep carrying on.

The General Meeting ended up with Executive Committee elections. The team changed and new people joined EYCE family. We are so happy and enthusiastic to start together this new adventure, knowing that the Lord will guide our path and make it bright.

We are pleased to have met and worked together with our friends Lisa, Sini and Vendy who put such a great effort in EYCE that we are so thankful to them for this.

They will always be part of EYCE family.


We look at 2018 with hope, joy and a great enthusiasm.

We will make sure that EYCE still continues its meaningful mission and changes people existence.

For this upcoming new year, we hope that EYCE will contribute to build bridges that bring people together and we wish that these bridges help us to accept our differences but also to find the common ground where we can meet and coexist together.


God we thank you for this year. We know that you are with us, that you are the only one who helps us and gives us courage to face adversity. We know that you encourage us to keep walking forward.

God we thank you for all the knowledge received this year, smiling faces, meetings, new friendships, hugs, funny moments, meals together, conversations during the night, nice talks. We thank you because we can work together in freedom.

God we ask you to help us to have our eyes open, not to be indifferent to the realities of other human beings. Let us be your tools in building a better society, to be change makers.

Help us to make meaningful the Christmas message in our lives as in our hearts.

In the name of Jesus. Amen.


EYCE thanks you for your support and fellowship through the year. We are excited to see what next year will bring, and look forward to meeting and working with you all!

Merry Christmas and many blessings at this wonderful time of year,

Angie, Andrea, Satu, Aida, Antti, Hannah, Jonathan

EYCE Executive Committee 

ExCo and Internal Auditors

Newly elected Executive Committee members and Internal Auditors