Religions in the Media | 2008

Promoting Inter-Cultural Learning and Youth Participation, and Overcoming Stereotypes.

Christian, Muslim and Jewish young people from 18 European countries gathered in the European Youth Centre Budapest from 9th to 16th of November 2008 to promote inter-cultural learning, youth participation and overcoming stereotypes at the study session organised by the Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe.

The aim of the Study Session was to explore the role and potential of different types of media in overcoming differences, and to equip young people with competencies in order to be able to promote respect for diversity of cultures and beliefs as well as to protect human rights. Thus, young religious youth leaders reaffirmed their ongoing commitment to Human Rights.

The programme ranged from building bridges between cultures and religions to gaining knowledge on the relationship between religious communities and media in European countries. Participants from faith-based youth organisations aspired to be actors in shaping the media on local, regional, national or international levels and were given time for networking and shaping their own projects. In addition, participants had the opportunity to visit local radio stations. During the week time and space for prayer and reflection was provided.

The Study Session was run with the support of the Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Council of Europe. For more information, please contact the EYCE office.