Be a volunteer in the EYCE office!

Being a volunteer at the EYCE office in Brussels is a great opportunity for young people, who are interested in ecumenism, European youth work and Church organisations. Volunteering at the EYCE office has been an important experience for many young people throughout the years. Spending a year in the heart of the Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe provides young people with knowledge, skills, networks and amazing experiences! EYCE is happy to announce a new volunteering opportunity!!!

The programme will start on 1st of July 2012 and last until the end of June 2013.

The volunteer will work at the EYCE office in Brussels, Belgium together with the EYCE General Secretary and another volunteer. The volunteer’s work will consist of assisting the General Secretary in office work, the practical organisation of EYCE events and taking part in them. The particular project “Acting Together to Overcome Poverty!” will focus on addressing issues of poverty and social justice through EYCE’s interreligious work.

The main tasks of the volunteer will be to coordinate the preparation and implementation of the training course on this theme together with the EYCE Executive Committee and General Secretary, as well as networking with the EYCE members and partners in preparation of the event and awareness raising materials, a small publication and other relevant materials. Furthermore, the volunteer will be in charge of the coordination of the activities linked to the 10th anniversary of EYCE’s interreligious work in cooperation with the Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organisations (FEMYSO).

In the framework of this project, tasks of volunteer will include:
– Attending meetings and participating in seminars and trainings relevant to the theme, taking place in Brussels and elsewhere;
– Representing EYCE in Ecumenical organisations and European institutions, when the topic of the project is concerned;
– Internet research and text studies on themes of the project;
– Compiling resource documents and materials regarding the theme of the project;
– Facilitation of International Planning Team, communication, administrative tasks related to the work on the project;
– Being part of the preparatory team for the thematic event, coordinating practicalities and thematic work, together with the EYCE General Secretary;
– Work on publications and awareness raising materials regarding the theme – coordinating the submission of articles, looking for authors and facilitating layout processes and publishing;
– Contacting youth organisations/ religious communities to express their views regarding the theme and in particular meeting with other youth organisations from EYCE’s network to develop the thematic work (via phone, email, visiting);
– Working on newsletters, EYCE Facebook page and section on EYCE website promoting and raising awareness on the theme;
– Assisting EYCE office staff in preparation of other EYCE events and taking part in International Planning Committees;
– Communication with EYCE’s members and partners regarding the theme;
– Working on preparation of the follow-up project.

International travel, accommodation, insurance, as well as a monthly ticket for public transport in Brussels and a small pocket money will be provided to the volunteer. EYCE will help the volunteer in finding accommodation. It will be also possible to take a language course in Brussels, if needed. The volunteer will be supported by the General Secretary and EYCE Executive Committee. There will be also a mentor from the network of former EYCE office volunteers, who will help the volunteer with guidance.

We are looking for:
EYCE is looking for a volunteer, who is interested in ecumenical youth work, aged 18-30 years and is able to communicate well in English. He/she should also have the potential to address issues of poverty and social injustice in his/ her local context, as well as implement initiatives triggering a change. Yet, the motivation, the willingness to widen the knowledge with regards to the theme of the project and an nterest in developing skills in addressing poverty and social injustice through interreligious cooperation will be crucial. Furthermore, the volunteer should be willing to learn and able to recognise the chance to work in a multicultural and inter-religious environment as an opportunity to grow personally.

Application process:
Applications in free form along with CV are to be sent to the EYCE office ( no later than 20th of May 2012. For more information contact the EYCE office at!