HAPPY EARTH DAY TO YOU!!! Join EYCE’s Campaign to Promote Ecological Justice to celebrate the Earth Day 2012

Dear Friends of EYCE’s Campaign to Promote Ecological Justice!

Earth Day is a day early each year, when events are held worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment. Earth Day was fist celebrated in 1970 in San Francisco, the City of Saint Francis, patron saint of ecology. From 2009, the United Nations designated the 22nd of April to be International Mother Earth Day and nowadays Earth Day is celebrated in more than 175 countries!
Read more: www.earthday.org

One of the objectives of EYCE’s Campaign to Promote Ecological Justice is to raise awareness about responsibility for Creation and to achieve more sustainability in way we live! Therefore we want to contribute to the Earth Day 2012 together with the friends of the campaign. But not only! This is about raising awareness on important things and still having fun together! We invite you to join us in Earth Day activities in your city, country, parish or youth group! When Mother Earth is happy, we are happy!

This is what we want you to do:
– Dress up in party hats made of plastic bottles or any attire made of recyclable materials! You might also get party whistles…
– Prepare simple posters saying “City-Country-for Earth” (e.g. Brussels-Belgium-for Earth)!
– On the 22nd of April 2012 go to a main square, church, park or any other well visited place of your city/ country!
– Take photos holding the posters together with the passers-by!
– Give passers-by leaflets containing good advice how to make Mother Earth happy!
– Send the pictures to campaign@www.eyce.org !

We will:
– Provide you with ready designed leaflets, where you only will have to insert the text in your own language and print!
– Publish the pictures on www.www.eyce.org and campaign Facebook page, thus raising awareness about Earth Day, recycling, responsible consumption and why we need to make Mother Earth happy!
– Give free campaign materials (T-shirt, bracelets) to the person, who will send in the biggest number of photos with passers-by!


Please write to campaign@www.eyce.org to ask for the leaflet template!