EXTENDED DEADLINE – 5th of MAY: “Taking Steps Towards an Ecologically Responsible Society”

24th June – 1st July

Minsk, Belarus

Taking Steps Towards an Ecologically Responsible Society
This training course is central event of the second year of EYCE’s Campaign to Promote Ecological Justice. EYCE’s 3-year Campaign to Promote Ecological Justice has been launched in 2011. For the second year of the campaign it is important to look beyond the immediately visible, which brings us to the following questions: how can habits, policies, products, which are hindering the ideas of ecological justice, be recognised? In which way can we as young people influence policy making processes? How can we address and influence ways of excessive consumption, excessive exploitation and cultivation of the earth and its natural resources, as well as excessive economic growth in general? What are the possibilities for all of us to become more aware of the causes and consequences of processes such as poverty, unsustainable manufacturing, bio-piracy, greenwashing and others? How can we promote the solidarity and justness of fair labour, fair trade, migrants’ rights and renewable energies?

Moreover, for EYCE as a community of young Christians it is important to link these processes and look for answers in our faith. How can we promote more solidarity among peoples? What needs to be done to reach modesty in consumption? How can one’s conveniences be diminished or overcome in order to allow people who live in other continents and are severely affected by the climate change, to lead a life that is appropriate to their dignities as our sisters and brothers?

In order to disclose all of these processes for young people around Europe and to raise awareness of the issues mentioned in churches in Europe and globally, the second year of the campaign will more specifically review and analyse ecological justice in the framework of various links. Within this scope we would like to explore the relation between ecology, economy and politics, including reviewing ecology issues as basis for numerous conflicts.

This training course will offer participants the following:
– Knowledge on various situations of ecological injustice in various contexts.
– Overview and examples of basic notions and concepts of ecological justice (in relation to economics and politics).
– Understanding of mechanisms influencing the processes of ecological justice, such as political negotiations and economic transactions.
– Analysis of the governance and economic mechanisms of distribution of wealth and possible consequences and the outcomes of international events with a significant impact on environmental policy.
– Tools and methods to address issues of ecological justice and implement concrete projects in one’s own context.
– Possibility to learn from good practice examples on the local level in Belarus.
– Space for exchange of experiences and good practices.
– Practical tips on low-consumption lifestyle.
– Opportunity to meet with young people from different countries and denominations, to share experiences and develop new friendships!

This training course is aimed at young people (age 18-30) actively engaged in their communities and coming from EYCE’s network. The participants should be open minded young people, with an initial interest and basic knowledge in issues linked to ecological justice. They should have potential to raise awareness of the themes addressed at the training course thus providing help to their sending organisations/ Churches in addressing the issues of the training course and bring meaningful and sustainable solutions. Altogether 30 participants are expected at the training course.

50€ (Euros) including accommodation, meals and programme.

Two simple steps:
– E-mail to applications@www.eyce.org and ask for the application form;
– Fill in the application form and send it back!

Application deadline is 5th MAY 2012!