CALL FOR INTERNATIONAL PLANNING COMMITTEE “Acting Together to Overcome Poverty, young people address social injustice through interreligious cooperation”

Sustainable development is among the highest priorities in today’s political discussions. It is mentioned with regards to sustainable democracy, sustainable economy, ecological justice and many more. The concept of sustainable development helps us to view the well-being of society in the long term. However, it does not always look at the well-being of every individual within society. Among many questions triggered by this concept is the question of solidarity on various levels: global, local, and personal. How do we see the links between global south and global north? How do we experience the slums in the outskirts of our own cities? What do we do to address social injustice that manifests itself on a daily basis? What are the reasons of poverty and what consequences develop from it? Is it part of multi-level discrimination, where poverty goes hand in hand with education, religion, geographical background, social status, and gender identity?

The religious communities have a long history of social work and welfare institutions, running alongside state welfare systems and often substituting them. There is a great asset of expertise in various fields, which could gain more strength in collaboration. With this project EYCE wants to follow-up and build upon the conclusions of 2011 – the anniversary year of the European Social Charter and provide a link to the UN Millennium Development Goals. We want to reinforce the implementation of the above mentioned in religious communities ant the social work which is being done by them. This event will also mark the Jubilee of 10 years of cooperation between EYCE and FEMYSO.

We are happy to invite you to nominate a possible candidate for the International Planning Committee (IPC) for this training course:


The main aim of this training course would be : to strengthen the role of young people from various religious communities in overcoming poverty and social injustice on various levels and to promote collaboration between religious communities in developing joint initiatives.


-To provide good factual knowledge on mechanism behind poverty and social injustice on global, national, or local level;
-To give an overview on definitions of poverty and social welfare models in various religious traditions;
-To analyse the role of religious communities in tackling poverty and collaboration between them;
-To study poverty and social inclusion in the context of basic HR;
-To discuss the causes of poverty in the framework of multilevel discrimination;
-To share best practices;
-To raise awareness of the creative potential of young people and empower them to increase their active engagement on local, national and global level;
-To equip participants with tools for addressing poverty and social injustice;
-To increase the participation of young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds;
-To provide a safe platform for sharing and interreligious dialogue.


The first IPC meeting is scheduled: 12th – 15th July, Paris, France
The second IPC meeting is scheduled: Just prior to the training course, 31st August – 2nd September, Paris, France
The training course is scheduled: 2nd – 9th September, Paris, France


For more information please contact your National Correspondent or the EYCE office at! The absolutely latest deadline for receiving applications will be 10th of June 2012 !