Green Hand Day is a project of EYCE’s German member organisation aej. It will raise awareness about the upcoming Rio+20 conference on June 16th. The activity looks to the place, where the decisions about the global future are being made: Rio.

In June 2012, governments of the states in the world deliberate how the climate can be protected, the economy be more eco-friendly and how justice can be achieved among the different people of the world.

In order for YOU to take part in the decision making for the future, there is Green Hand Day. Through participating in the Green Hand Day you can demonstrate together with young people from Germany, as well as with many other young people from Europe that you watch what the politicians decide for the future.

Green Hand Day wants to raise awareness about the Rio+20 conference and you can decide how you want to raise awareness in your city or village. Plan an activitiy during Green Hand Day on June 16th or another day leading up to Rio+20 with your youth group! Symbol of the Green Hand Day is the Green Hand itself, so use it for your activity whereever you are and post it in public places (schools, city halls, bus stops etc.) where people can see it and you can inform them about Green Hand Day and Rio+20! You can download the Green Hand from the website and use it yourself!

For more information visit the website of the Green Hand Day at, its facebook page or contact the office of aej:

We’re looking forward to hearing about your activities! Share them on facebook or the website of the Green Hand Day!