CALL FOR INTERNATIONAL PLANNING COMMITTEE: EYCE seminar “Be the Generation of Peace! A seminar to enhance the participation and contribution of young people to peace processes.”

The Europe of today plays an active role in securing global peace and promoting solidarity among countries and regions. As a relatively stable and strong player on the global field, Europe should even more contribute to global security, solidarity and justice. However, currently the socio-economic challenges in the EU and the whole European continent transform the focus of its citizens to finding internal balance and security. There is a variety of disaffection and action present around Europe: the anger in the anti-austerity, anti-government riots in Greece, the youth movements in Spain, the simmering anger in Italy. Solidarity and mutual support is a crucial element of active citizenship and contribution to building a holistic society and in achieving the above mentioned stability. Ensuring that people are able to come together, their energy becoming synergy and mobilising social energy for building peace are important elements the peace building on local and national levels needs to be based on. Through the objectives of the project EYCE wants to address the issues of peace building, conflict resolution and dialogue with young people from a European background, as well as emphasizing the importance of young people in these processes – what are roles and possibilities of young people? How can a more active involvement of young people be promoted? What are the current youth policies, which support this involvement and training and empowerment of young people in addressing these issues? And what work still needs to be done?

EYCE believes that the involvement of young people in conflict resolution and peace building in various contexts is crucial, as often young people have methods and capabilities to reach to social groups, which are hard to reach through institutionalised structures and traditional approaches. This will strengthen the understanding that solidarity and advocacy for the needs of others and building a peaceful, inclusive and just global society is a part of active citizenship both on European level and in local contexts. Therefore, EYCE is organising a seminar to explore and enhance the role of young people in peace processes.

We are happy to invite you to nominate a possible candidate for the International Planning Committee (IPC) for this seminar: “Be the Generation of Peace! A seminar to enhance the participation and contribution of young people to peace processes.”


The main aim of this seminar will be:
to emphasize the role and possibilities of young people in peace processes in today’s Europe through reflecting and fostering the engagement of young people in peace building and conflict resolution in local and global contexts.



  • to study and analyse European security and foreign affairs policies
  • to study religious, ethical and philosophical texts on peace and security
  • to explore concepts of peace and security in various cultures through concrete examples from participant’s countries
  • to give an overview of concepts of peace building and conflict resolution
  • to show examples how churches and Christian communities are involved in conflict resolution
  • to equip participants with knowledge and skills in conflict resolution and negotiation processes, and to empower them to become involved in peace building in local and global contexts
  • to develop a statement on the involvement of young people in peace processes today together with the participants
  • to provide a safe atmosphere for intercultural exchange and sharing


The first IPC meeting is scheduled: 25th – 28th April, Novi Sad, Serbia

The second IPC meeting is scheduled: Just prior to the seminar, 16th – 18th August, Novi Sad, Serbia

The seminar is scheduled: 18th – 25th August, Novi Sad, Serbia


You can find the application form here. Please note that it needs to have the endoresement of the National Correspondent from your country! For more information please contact your National Correspondent or the EYCE office at! The absolutely latest deadline for receiving applications will be 1st March 2013 12:00 CET!

The project is supported by the Council of Europe!