Join the International Planning Committee for “Say NO to Hate!”

no hateThe great speed of development of media, especially the online media and social networks, has crated a different dynamics in the society and between different groups constituting it. On one hand, there are greater possibilities for sharing, support, advocacy and activism. On the other hand, this phenomena causes extreme individuality and loss of the links within the communities in real life, as well as much greater fear of the unknown and lack of understanding, thus increasing prejudice, hate and violence.
Media, especially on-line media and forums provide detachment and anonymity to encourage and hide the actors sporting discriminatory actions and forms of communication. In addition, often the communities and social groups which are the victims of hate speech lack social capacities, making them more vulnerable and exposed to injustice.
Do you want to be active defender of human rights on-line? Do you want to become an active member in the No Hate Speech Movement of the Council of Europe and inspire other young people to do the same? Do you want to gain more experience in organising non-formal education activities with young people in an environment, where you can get as much knowledge, advice and support as you need? Then being part of an International Planning Committee for the upcoming EYCE study session might be for you!
EYCE is happy to open the call for the members of International Planning Committee (IPC) for the upcoming study session “Say no to Hate! Young people addressing hate speech from an inter-religious perspective”, which will be organised in cooperation with Religions for Peace-European Interfaith Youth Network (RfP-EIYN) and European Youth Centre Budapest (EYCB). The study session will take place in EYCB, Budapest, Hungary from 29th June – 6th July, 2014
Having in mind EYCE’s previous work in the field of interreligious dialogue, with this study session EYCE wants to specifically focus on the aspects of the hate speech concerned with various faith communities in Europe and the challenges posed by those aspects.
The study session will aim to position and empower young people from various religious communities to be key actors in promoting and implementing the dialogue between religious communities and secular society through combating hate speech.
The following objectives have been set for the project:

  • to provide knowledge on various forms of hate speech online and in other media, as well as its impacts on different communities, especially young people;
  • to analyse case studies and find constructive responses to the various types of hate speech;
  • to explore the potential of young people and faith communities in raising awareness and advocating against hate speech;
  • to equip the participants with concrete skills, tools and methods to actively involve in their local/ national communities, as well as enhance media literacy among young people from religious communities;
  • to share good practices and initiatives from various countries;
  • to strengthen the network of young people and youth organisations in the field of interreligious youth work, to contribute to the elimination and reduction of levels of acceptance of hate speech;
  • to develop concrete and simple activities to be implemented on the local/ national level as a follow-up to the No Hate Speech Movement campaign by CoE;
  • to provide a safe forum for intercultural and interreligious sharing and exchange.

The first IPC meeting is scheduled: 6th – 8th March 2014, European Youth Centre Budapest (EYCB), Hungary
The second IPC meeting is scheduled: Just prior to the study session, 27th -28th June 2014, EYCB, Hungary
The study session is scheduled: 29th June – 6th July 2014, EYCB, Hungary
You can find the application form and more information below. Please note that it needs to have the endoresement of the National Correspondent from your country! For more information please contact your National Correspondent or the EYCE office at!
Call for IPC_Say no to Hate
Application form_IPC_Say NO to Hate
Please send back your filled application to no later than 20th of February 2014!
The project is supported by the Council of Europe!
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