“Break the Chains!” – together!!!

Campaign-logo_FINAL_squareThe Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe today is launching a new initiative – “Break the Chains! A campaign to overcome poverty”.
As the Campaign Coordination Team we want to motivate young people from all over Europe to contribute to the eradication of poverty! For us this means, first of all, creating an overall awareness. As recent data from Eurostat reveals, more than 50% of European citizens think that poverty is not a problem in Europe. Therefore for us the first step will be creating an overall awareness regarding the faces of poverty in our region. In order to do so, in the framework of this campaign EYCE will organise training courses and other activities all over Europe.
An important component of the campaign activities are the training courses for the participants from all over Europe where theoretical, as well as practical and motivating action-oriented workshops are offered. The closest training course will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria from the 4th to the 11th of May 2014 and will seek to challenge the patterns of poverty.
In addition, we will produce an on-line publication, materials for prayers and Bible studies. A Facebook campaign will serve as an important promotion tool as well. Moreover, specific consultations and short term trainings will complete the variety of activities.
We, the Campaign Coordination Team (CCT) are working on planning and implementation of the campaign. We are young volunteers from all over Europe, coming from different contexts. We all have different motivations for being a part of the CCT. Find out more about us and our ideas how to achieve practical impact here!
Nevertheless, the most important part of the new campaign is YOU! You are invited to share and promote ideas and insights you will receive! YOU are very much welcome to contribute in countless ways: discuss the topics on Facebook, write an article for the online publication, for example, about the social situation in your context, join some of our street actions and events, pray together with us – everything is better together!!!
To stay updated about all our activities check out campaign section on EYCE website and also make sure to drop a “like” at our Facebook page so that you don’t miss anything!
Thank you all for your support – and let us fight poverty in Europe – TOGETHER!!!
The Campaign Coordination Team
Break the Chains_LAUNCH