To “use better the things we have”!

green resolutionOn Saturday the 14th of December 2013, the Campaign Coordination Team (CCT) of EYCE’s Campaign to Promote Ecological Justice set out to accomplish their final activity within the framework of the campaign.
Mairon, Alina, Pawel, and Pauline went to the Grand place in Brussels, Belgium, where they asked the passers by about what they thought our planet will look like in 2050, as well as challenged them to make a green resolution for 2014.
The members of CCT met teenagers and young adults, coming from all around the world – UK, France, Canada, Thailand, Tunisia, Spain and Italy.
Participants were thanked for their contribution with one of the EYCE’s eco-friendly campaign T-shirts or a sustainable bottle!
All the testimonies were recorded to be used in a video, which will summarise the outcomes of EYCE’s campaign to Promote Ecological Justice. The final cut is coming soon!
Nevertheless, we can have a little sneak-peak into what was said on the streets of Brussels!
Regarding the future of our planet, most of the respondents were quite optimistic. They thought that the mankind will manage to change its way of living and that the Earth in 2050 will be in a better shape than today. Some were more pessimistic. They thought that the pollution will increase and that the mankind will have to face many challenges, regarding energy for example.
Most of the people were receptive to the ecological concerns and were willing to change their personal habits, in order to live in a greener way in 2014. People wanted to reduce their impact on the environment by changing small things in their habits, such as cycling to work, saving electricity and water, recycling properly, buying fair-trade and/or eco-friendly products. To use the words of one: Karim, a traveller from Italy, we must “use better the things we have”.
Alongside the commitment to change their behaviour towards the environment, everyone recognised that we cannot keep going the way of ignorance. Everyone, who CCT spoke with, agreed that there is a need for more environmental awareness and that the future of our planet is in our own hands!