Join the International Planning Committee for “From vision to reality!”

daniel bartonEYCE is preparing its first event for the 2015 – the seminar “From vision to reality! Young people developing models of inclusive participation”, which will take place in Bratislava, Slovakia from 22nd – 29th of March 2015.

This seminar will be an important part of the EYCE’s work in 2015 as it will set the basis for the further discussion on better social inclusion and the contribution of young people to it. With this seminar EYCE will seek to look beyond the mainstream bipolar models of inclusion, with distinctive roles of oppressor and oppressed, but rather seek to study different standpoints and analyse different needs and interests, as well as look at the responsibilities of all. Through this seminar EYCE, together with the International Planning Committee (IPC) and participants will seek to develop a realistic and usable vision of socially inclusive society. As a result of this seminar it is expected that the participants will eagerly promote this vision developed both, on a personal level by changing their lifestyle, as well as by mobilizing other young people and implementing further awareness raising initiatives in their home context.

The main working method of EYCE is non-formal education, so it will be the task of the IPC to create an exciting programme for the seminar and explore the issues of social inclusion together with the participants by discussions, exchange of experiences and sharing stories, learning from good practices, learning by doing through the role games and practical workshops!

Do you feel that you might be enjoyng this? Or have you already participated in an EYCE activity and want to be involved more? Then being part of an IPC for the upcoming EYCE seminar is for you!

The seminar will aim at enabling the participants to create a vision of an inclusive society and equipping them with tools to promote it.

The following objectives have been set for the project:
* to study and assess various concepts of inclusion in general and with a special focus on ethnic and religious minorities;
* to identify different actors from both ‘minority’ and ‘majority’ groups in society and identify their interests and attitudes;
* to study and assess concrete examples of inclusive societies being united yet maintaining pluralism;
* to explore the link between concept of social inclusion with Christian values on one hand and Human Rights in the other in order to      realize the broader background of values social inclusion is built on;
* to draw a easily conveyable vision of socially inclusive society and finding new forms of participation to this envisioned society, and    suggest a strategy of promoting the vision on personal level as well as equipping participants with tools to do so.

EYCE is looking to approach a diversity of themes and concepts during the seminar, starting form Human Rights and social inclusion, to special focus on religious and ethnic minorities, as well as use a variety of methodologies and experiences, we are looking for IPC members with a genuine interest in social inclusion, yet from a diversity of backgrounds – youth work, law, activism, creative occupations and more!

The first IPC meeting is scheduled: 12th – 14th of December 2014, Bratislava, Slovakia
The second IPC meeting is scheduled: just prior to the seminar, 20th – 22nd of March 2015, Bratislava, Slovakia
The training course is scheduled: 22nd – 29th of March, 2015, Bratislava, Slovakia

You can find the application form and more information below. For more information please contact your National Correspondent or the EYCE office at!

Please send back your filled application to no later than 1st December 2014!

Call for IPC_From Vision to Reality
APPLICATION FORM_ IPC_From Vision to Reality