A really good way to prepare for Christmas

CCTBreak the chains” campaign coordination team project meeting 2014, Brussels

On December 12th EYCE “Break the chains” campaign coordination team gathered for a yearly project meeting. The campaign is focused on poverty eradication issues in Europe  and first of all aims to raise an overall awareness of young people.

There were six volunteers (Anna, Eva, Vendula, Lina, Maxim, Mika) ready to work hard to evaluate what was done during this year and plan 2015 year activities. It was a really intensive and fruitful meeting- though we understood how much we still need to work on some projects and how long it sometimes may take.

Saturday, 13th of December started with a morning prayer. A team building activities straight after prayer was a real discovery. It’s not so easy sometimes to organize the team and find a way to stop the dropping egg or be really honest and evaluate each other. Also some postcards were written (as it is almost Christmas)- we’ve prepared some wishes to each of our team member. The day was completed by a gorgeous classical music concert at suburbs of Brussels and dinner at a local restaurant.

The second day of our meeting was dedicated to evaluation and planning. All in all, in 2014 we’ve organized 1 training in Sofia, Bulgaria, also took a big part at National Correspondents’ meeting in Romania. What is more, online magazine was prepared during the year- look up for it already 12th of January 2015 here.

An international World Food Day and International Day of Eradicating Poverty day was marked with a Sharewich project.  On the 16th and 17th of October 2014 young people were invited to  take sandwiches to school/ college/ workplace not only for themselves, but also for a person they meet on their way – a friend, colleague, a person in need on the street! And share it with them-as solidarity is one way to overcome poverty. You can also find an updates from the event also here.

Also a new concept of the day was approved- we’ll be able to share every month in 2015. So join us at a following Sharewich and make it real!

Weekend past really fast and left us with all the best wishes to all our team and all of you. Marry Christmas and a really good New Year to you all!!!

Yours Sincerely,

CCT „Break the Chains“