Campaign News

EYCE bags

The Campaign Coordination Team is working hard ;).

Indeed, it is the time to renew our promotional materials and to think about an amazing design for amazing sweatshirts and brochures about our amazing Sharewich day. Some news about the latter: it takes place during the week of the 16th, so get ready when you find some time during this week to prepare two sandwiches instead of one, and go to share it in the street ! We are also organizing our annual local visits, which will take place in France, Belgium and Germany, at the end of May – beginning of June. This campaign aspect is focused on meeting young people across the Europe, meeting the EYCE’s member organisations, having a discussion about the current situation in the respective country in terms of poverty and youth issues. StickersThese visits also introduce the CCT as well as the campaign itself and offer young people to be actively involved in it. Lastly, the visits are also about sharing and exchanging the knowledge in form of workshops. If you are interested in meeting us during this time, feel free to contact us to these email address: (Executive Committee member in charge of the Campaign) or (the EYCE Office volunteer). We’ll be happy to meet you!

The Campaign Coordination Team.