Join the International Planning Committee for “People in Poverty”!


EYCE is preparing the international activity “People in Poverty: Part of the Bigger Picture?”, which will take place in Lisbon, Portugal from 22nd – 28th of August 2016.

Deadline for receiving applications: 3rd of april 2016



  • The level of injustice within social status is shocking, and something needs to be done.
  • Are you brave enough to stand up for those who are unable to stand up for themselves? Do you want to explore different methods of Advocacy?
  • Are you passionate about social justice and equality in the European society?
  • Can you see the real life examples of poverty in Europe?
  • Do you have a strong opinion you would like to share and discuss with others?

If you answered to any of these questions yes, then EYCE is offering a great life-time experience for you! 



Education, training and empowerment of young people is important, especially when it comes to actions in addressing poverty in your own context. Poverty can often change one’s identity as well. Therefore EYCE is organising a training course that is focused on very practical impact of personal experiences, deeper understanding how it feels to be in poverty and advocacy. making a positive step towards more inclusive society.

With this training course EYCE will seek to address these issues, as well as exploring the potential role young people can play.  The training course will aim to understand how poverty changes identity and empower young people to advocate for the rights for people in poverty to be part of the society.

Following objectives have been identified to achieve the aim:

  • to understand how poverty affects identity;
  • to explore different methods of advocacy;
  • to understand the importance of advocating for those in poverty;
  • to enable participants to see the reality of the subject, putting a face to the issue rather than just statistics;
  • to explore theological perspective – Exploration on the Christian attitude towards poverty, Jesus as an advocate for the poor;
  • to create advocacy strategies.

This event will be part of EYCE’s Campaign to Overcome Poverty “Break the Chains!”

EYCE is looking to approach a diversity of themes and concepts during the training course, as well as use a variety of methodologies and experiences. Therefore we are looking for IPC members with a genuine interest in social justice and alleviation of poverty, yet from a diversity of backgrounds – youth work, law, activism, creative occupations and more!



To apply please fill in the  and send it to
Deadline for receiving applications: 3rd of april 2016



  • The first planning committee meeting is scheduled: 6th – 8th May 2016, Lisbon, PortugaL
  • The second planning committee meeting is scheduled:  19th – 21st August, Lisbon, Portugal   ( Just prior to the training course)
  • The training course is scheduled: 22nd – 28th August, Lisbon, Portugal

It is essential that the members of the International Planning Committee are fully available for all these dates and committed to work between meetings via email with other team members.

EYCE is looking forward to working with a strong team in order to meet these goals. Please help us building a good, balanced team by suggesting a candidate for the IPC!