National Correspondents meeting in Vienna

image2October 21-23, 2016 the EYCE National Correspondents and the Executive Committee met in Vienna to discuss the recent issues and exchange about the work that the Member Organisations were doing lately.

One big topic of the weekend was the Campaign work of EYCE. The current campaign on poverty is coming to an end this year and the new campaign on migration and European identity is about to be launched in January 2017. So it was time to look back at what was done and look forward at what is coming next.

The National Correspondents evaluated the campaign from the membership perspective and provided ideas what their needs are in order to further use the outcomes of the campaign. A summary of this will be handed over to the Campaign Coordination team that is meeting for one last time in Brussels in December and for a final evaluation and hand over to the Campaign Coordination Team of the new campaign.

By the way Campaign Coordination Team…. After being provided with that latest developments of the preparations for the new campaign the National Correspondents voted upon the new Campaign Coordination Team. So far we have on Board Chris Patricia Hänsel from aej (Germany), Maeve Chatellair from FGEI (Italy), Sallamari Sahyrkas from SEN-youth (Finland) and Anna Kamarýtová from ECC (Czech Republic). As you might have guessed we are still lacking some male Members in the CCT. Also Orthodox and Catholic candidates are very much appreciated.

The Members will meet again next year for the General Meeting. It will take place in Malaga, Spain. The dates are October 11-15 2017.