Call for IPC: Theology of Migration

20869016783_7e25fbcb77_oTraining Course in the Framework of EYCE’S Campaign
#WeAreEurope! on migration and European Identity

Stockholm, Sweden
IPC Meetings: 17th – 19th February 2017; 2nd – 4th June 2017
Event: 4th – 11th June 2017

In the recent debate in the European society voices become loud proclaiming the christian western world needs to be protected from non-christian refugees and migrants.
In the first year of EYCE’s new campaign #WeAreEurope! and especially with this event we would like to take this occasion to investigate gifts and challenges of contemporary migration to christian spirituality and mission and at the christian responsibility towards migrants and refugees coming to Europe.

For executing this event we need your help!
Are you a youth leader in your organisation? Are you also active in your church? Have you already gained some experiences in the field of migration and refugees? Is theology something that you are fascinated by? Would you like to explore how migration and hospitality is understood in various christian traditions? In a next step can you imagine youself facilitating a creation process of a common theology of migration?

Then we are the perfect match!

We offer you an international and ecumenical experience that you’ll never forget.
You will work in a team of seven volunteers from all over Europe to make this project reality.
Together you will develop the programme and methodology and become the facilitators. You will prepare prayers, choose and invite guest speakers and many more.
You’ll get the chance to apply your skills and acquire new ones. You will have much time to get to know other youth organisations, exchange about experiences, learn about other denominations and cultural traditions. You will provide and experience yourself a spiritual happening.

Does that sound interesting to you? Then download the entire call (Call IPC: Theology of Migration) to find out more (especially the password :-) ) and apply here.