Call for IPC: Role of Churches in a modern Society


Role of Churches
Palermo, Italy
IPC Meetings: 28th – 30th April 2017; 4th – 6th August 2017
Event: 6th – 13th August 2017

Despite changing landscape of religion and growing secularims and diversity, the churches are still powerful actors in society and politics in many European countries. But will it stay the same? What kind of role can the churches have with decreasing numbers of members?
In this event we invite young Christians to discuss about their standpoints, what the role of churches should and could be and whether the churches can in the future maintain their role as they are or whether they need somehow to change.

For executing this event we need your help!
Are you a youth leader in your organisation? Are you also active in your church? Have you worked on the topic of secularism or are you interested in public decision-making processes?
Are you experienced in training young people in advocacy and representation of interest?

Then we are the perfect match!

We offer you an international and ecumenical experience that you’ll never forget.
You will work in a team of seven volunteers from all over Europe to make this project reality.
Together you will develop the programme and methodology and become the facilitators. You will enable the participants to express their views and promote it towards churches and society. You will prepare prayers, chose and invite guest speakers and many more.
You’ll get the chance to apply your skills and acquire new ones. You will have much time to get to know other youth organisations, exchange about experiences, learn about other denominations and cultural traditions. You will provide and experience yourself a ecumenical and intercultural happening.

Does that sound interesting to you? Then download the entire call (Call IPC: Role of Churches) to find out more (especially the password :-) ) and apply here.

This activity will be carried out together with our Italian Member Organisation Federazione Giovanile Evangelica in Italia.