Final Break the Chains CCT meeting in Brussels

After three years of campaign, the Break the Chains! CCT met for one last time to evaluate and do the proper closing of the campaign.

The meeting in Brussels took place during the weekend from Friday 16th December to Sunday 18th. Although the current campaign is coming to an end, there are still some pending tasks to do, so during the whole weekend the CC T was working hard in order to get the best closing of campaign!

Taking advantage of both CCT meeting that were running at the same dates and place, Break the Chains! Campaign team could meet the new #WeAreEurope! CCT and give some helpful tips based on their own experience, which are very welcome for the new CCT.

Unfortunately, the poverty will not be eradicated with the end of the campaign, so please, we invite you to try and help in such manner as you can.

As some of you know, during the frame of the campaign an initiative was created by the CCT known as Sharewich Day which is about sharing a sandwich with someone who is in need and try to talk with him/her. So we are encouraging you to continue with this great initiative!

MANY THANKS TO VENDULA, SATU, MAXIM, LINA, HILDER and other people that were involved in the CCT during past three years, all participants and volunteers who have helped us to run this campaign. Let us continue to make the world better place for living!