#WeAreEurope! ready to start

From Friday 16th December to Sunday 18th the new CCT in charge of the new campaign “#WeAreEurope!” met in Brussels in order to set the goals of the campaign and the way to get them.

During the weekend, the team composed by 4 amazing people coming from different European countries and backgrounds: Vendula Pavlikova from Czech Republic, Chris Hänsel from Germany, Sallamari Hyrkäs from Finland, Maeve Chatellair from Italy and Pedro, the office volunteer, from Spain, were focused on the technical development of the next three years campaign on migration, European identity and values.

The programme started with some icebreakers and energizers led by Kristine Jansone (previous General Secretary in EYCE) through these games the CCT members could get to know each other a bit more. In the next sessions, the teambuilding games were changed for productive discussions about migration, workshops and promotional materials… A lot of interesting ideas, which will be developed in the future, were mentioned in this meeting; so, keep your eyes on the campaign news.

After the weekend the CCT members were tired but very satisfied and full of hope to improve the current situation concerning refugees and migrants.