Call for the International Planning Committee!

EYCE is organising an event with Council of Europe and the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg on social inclusion and gender stereotypes. Do you want to be a part of the Planning Committee? Please apply! Details below:

EYCE is preparing the international study session “Of course, we can!” which will take place from 25th to 29th of March in Strasbourg, France.

Could you be part of this fabulous International Planning Committee?

This  study session is the first event EYCE event of this year.

At EYCE events we use various methods to start discussions, but most importantly we use non-formal ways of training. IPC will be facilitating, but they don’t need to be experts in certain topics.

The study session will contribute to build a human rights education with young people raising awareness on such a relevant topic as social inclusion and gender stereotypes, focused on the specific topic of women inclusion in churches and their role. Churches are small communities reflecting criteria of inclusion adopted in the society. And human rights respect has to be shown in the society as well as in churches. In addition to this, women playing a secondary role could be considered a threat to democracy and the populistic ideologies. These themes will be investigated involving male perspectives too in order to engage a constructive and fruitful dialogue.

The main aim of the study session will be:
To position and empower young people from various churches to be key actors in promoting and implementing the women’s inclusion within the churches and welcoming diversity, the “other”.


  • –  to investigate whether churches are inclusive and welcome all diversity. Who is not welcome?

  • –  to investigate different gender stereotypes in churches, how to confront them;

  • –  to analyse how to make churches welcome all or whether they should not;

  • –  to provide knowledge on historic developments on women inclusion within churches, e.g. female priesthood, analysing the situation nowadays in the modern secularised society and engaging a constructive dialogue with male perspectives;

  • –  to analyse positive and negative examples that we as church communities can learn towards this question;

  • –  to share good practices and initiatives from various countries;

  • –  to develop a common standpoint of young people of various churches on engagement into a constructive inclusion beyond gender stereotypes and prejudices;

–  to develop creative and practical approaches to be used to enhance the involvement of local churches communities


To apply for the International Planning Committee, please send a free format application explaining your:

  • Motivation
  • Experience
  • Church and EYCE Member Organisation affiliation

Send it to

Deadline for receiving applications: due to a very short notice came from the Council of Europe, there’s no deadline. We kindly invite you to send the application as soon as possible. However, please, apply before the 30th of January.


  • The first IPC meeting is scheduled: 7th February to 10th February in Strasbourg, France
  • The second IPC meeting is scheduled: 22nd to 24th March in Strasbourg, France
  • The study session is scheduled: 25th to 29th March in Strasbourg, France

It is essential that the members of the International Planning Committee are fully available for all these dates and committed to work between meetings via email and Skype with other team members.

EYCE is looking forward to work with a strong and creative team on this study session!

With warmest greetings,

EYCE Executive Committee