UPCOMING EYCE EVENT: “Human Rights for everyone? Right! A training course for young Europeans to overcome racism and discrimination against ethnic minorities”

Human Rights Education (HRE) with young Christians in Europe has always been important for EYCE. In its work EYCE has always an underlying aspect of HRE – either addressing religious rights, the rights of migrants in Europe, or human rights in relation to economic justice, and finally the rights of young people to express their opinion and be heard.

With this training course EYCE wants to deepen its focus on HRE, especially with regards to the rights of minorities, migrants and other oppressed groups in Europe and beyond, as well as training young people from church backgrounds to address these issues within their contexts. Furthermore, with this event EYCE wants to contribute to the European Action Week Against Racism, which is traditionally taking place around March 21st, the International Day for the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination.

It will take place in Palermo, Sicily, from 18th – 25th of March 2012.

This training course will offer the participants the following:
– Knowledge about situations of ethnic minorities in Europe.
– Overview of positions in European churches regarding ethnic minorities and racism towards them.
– Analysis of concepts of Human Rights in the light of different ethnic minorities.
– Tools and methods to address racism and discrimination in one’s own context.
– Possibility to develop a common contribution to the European Action Week Against Racism and use in practice what has been learnt.
– Possibility to learn from good practice examples on the local level in Italy.
– Opportunity to meet with young people from different countries and denominations, to share experiences and develop new friendships!

Profile of participants:
This training course is aimed in particular at potential youth leaders and young people (age 18-30) actively engaged in their communities and coming from EYCE’s network.
The participants should be open minded young people, with an initial interest in Human Rights Education with their peers, as well as about raising awareness of the rights of migrants and ethnic minorities. They should be able to act as multipliers in the respective home countries by providing help to their sending organisations/ Churches in addressing the issues of the training course.

Apply now!
For more information please contact EYCE office at applications@www.eyce.org! The absolutely latest deadline for receiving applications will be 13th of FEBRUARY 2012!