CALL FOR INTERNATIONAL PLANNING COMMITTEE: “Taking Steps Towards an Ecologically Responsible Society. Links between ecology, economy and politics”

In the year 2011 EYCE successfully launched its Campaign to Promote Ecological Justice in order to address the issues of ecological justice among young Christians in Europe. The thematic work so far focused on the theological and political aspects of the issues and was outlined with a variety of interesting activities, among them a training course and several workshops. Also, awareness raising materials, such as flyers and the campaign magazine were produced.

The thematic focus of the campaign in the year 2012 will be to explore the relations between ecology, economy and politics, including reviewing ecology issues as basis for numerous conflicts. The central thematic event of the second year of the campaign will seek to answer questions such as: How can habits, policies and products, which are hindering ideas of ecological justice, be recognised? In which way can young people influence policy making processes? Especially now, when the Kyoto protocol is about to expire and ecological justice is one of the central debates globally, it is important to provide young people with knowledge of ongoing processes, as well to equip them with skills to address these issues in their own context.

We are happy to invite you to nominate a possible candidate for the International Planning Committee (IPC) for the second thematic event of the campaign!

Thematic background
The main aim of this training course will be: to enhance the understanding of the complexity of ecological justice among young Europeans by exposing the links between social inequality and environmental degradation, ecological and socio-economic issues, and to increase ecological responsibility in European civil society through the active contribution of young people.

– To provide the participants with good factual knowledge on various situations of ecological injustice in different contexts, at both European and global levels;
– To give an overview and examples of basic notions and concepts related to the links between ecological, political and socio-economic issues (e.g. bio-piracy, fair access to water, greenwashing, land-use changes, agroecology);
– To facilitate the understanding of mechanisms influencing the processes of ecological justice, such as political negotiations, economic transactions and the consequences of those mechanisms.
– To analyse in depth the governance and economic mechanisms of distribution of wealth, natural resources and land in Europe and at a global level;
– To analyse the possible consequences and the outcomes of international events with a significant impact on environmental policy;
– To develop together with the participants ideas for the contribution of young people to promote ecological justice and fairer distribution of wealth, land and natural resources;
– To enable and inspire the participants to actively take part in decision making processes on all levels in order to overcome ecological injustices on their local and national levels;
– To equip the participants with practical methods and tools to address the issues of ecological justice and implement concrete projects in their own context;
– To provide a platform for the intercultural exchange of experiences and good practices among the participants;
– To provide space for practical implementation of ecological responsibility by reducing the CO2 emissions as much as possible, reducing consumption connected to the implementation of the training course and providing useful knowledge for the participants to improve their daily ecological responsibility.

The first IPC meeting is scheduled: 8th – 11th of March 2012, Minsk, Belarus
The second IPC meeting is scheduled: Just prior to the training course, 22nd – 24th of June 2012, Minsk, Belarus
The training course is scheduled: 24th of June – 1st of July 2012, Minsk, Belarus

Apply now!
For more information please contact your National Correspondent or the EYCE office at! The absolutely latest deadline for receiving applications will be 10th of FEBRUARY 2012!