As the 16th of June is getting closer, EYCE wants to urge you to get involved by doing an activity within your congregation, your youth group or just together with your friends. Participation in the Green Hand Day is a call to politicians to show that European youth watches what they decide for our common future.

Coming up with a project is demanding and you have nothing in mind? Or maybe there is no time to come up with something within only a few days? Don’t worry, EYCE is there to help you out ! Indeed, acting together to celebrate Green Hand Day is all what it is about. From small personal initiative to more organised mobilisation or event, any action led will give more power and visibility to the European Youth so our opinion will be considered in the core of Rio+20 !

You can find below a list of actions you can implement among your Church, Youth Group, friends or even on your own. Easy, key in hands, enjoy the Green Hand Day celebration and share your experience on our Facebook page or on the official Green Hand Day Website !

-Print the the Green Hand Day symbol (downloadable on GHD website )and post it in public places (schools, city halls, bus stops etc.) where people can see it and you can inform them about Green Hand Day and Rio+20!

-Bake Green with those delicious Green Monster Muffins.

-Drink Green and healthy with a Green Smoothy !

-You have an artistic soul and remaining green paint you don’t know how to get rid of? Let your creativity lead you and take a picture of your work of art !

-You want to assess and compare with your friends your understanding of the Biblical approach to ecological justice? Let’s check the links between spirituality and ecology ! Bible-Study

-You want to verify and develop further your knowledge in a funny way? Let’s learn and play your own Environmental Quiz ! Environmental-Quiz

-You want to take it to the next step for an awareness raising day? Let’s put in place some study groups and role games where you can wear every stakeholder’s shoes in the ecological debate ! GHD Case Study