UPCOMING EYCE EVENT: “Taking Steps Towards Ecologically Responsible Society. Political and theological perspectives on Ecological Justice”

The training course “Taking Steps Towards Ecologically Responsible Society” will be the first thematic event of EYCE’S Campaign to Promote Ecological Justice and will focus on its political and theological aspects. With this training course EYCE seeks to increase the understanding of global ecological justice issues and enhance ecological responsibility among various actors in society through active contribution of young people.

It will take place from the 3rd – 10th of July 2011 in Kiev, Ukraine.

The training course will offer the participants the following:

  • good factual knowledge on ecological situations, both on the European and global levels;
  • analysis of the causes and consequences of various cases of ecological injustice;
  • discussion on the links between contemporary social challenges, e.g. poverty, social exclusion, injustice, and lack of education, and the ecological injustice and environmental crisis;
  • overview of the EU policies on climate change;
  • analysis of international negotiations and issues at stake for the upcoming summit to decide on the Kyoto Protocol’s successor;
  • insight into the theological and ethical aspects of ecological justice;
  • reflection on denominational and cultural impact on understanding the ecological justice issues;
  • tools for addressing the issues of ecological justice: social marketing, advocacy, green technologies and overview of stakeholders and initiatives;
  • space for exchange of experiences and good practices;
  • practical tips on low-consumption lifestyle;
  • opportunity to meet with young people from different countries and denominations, to share experiences and develop new friendships!

Profile of participants:

This training course is aimed at young people (aged 18-30) who are open minded and interested in the Ecumenical movement and its principles. The participants should have the potential to act as multipliers in their respective home countries to enhance active civil participation and promote environmentally responsible ways of life in their communities. Selection criteria will include gender, denominational, and regional balance.

Apply now!

For more information please contact EYCE office at general.secretary@www.eyce.org! The absolutely latest deadline for receiving applications will be 22nd of MAY 2011!