Join the International Planning Committee for “Food, Land and Water”

FLW_promo_colFrom the years 2011 – 2013 EYCE has been running an Campaign to Promote Ecological Justice, which has been addressing issues of ecological justice from various aspects – theological, socio-economic and political, through analysing the links between ecology politics and economics, as well as regarding ecological justice as crucial element of Human Rights.
EYCE feels the need to follow-up this campaign and link it to the new EYCE’s Campaign to Overcome Poverty “Break the chains!”. Therefore EYCE is organising this training course to continue to address the issues of ecological justice from yet another perspective. The distribution of the natural resources and in broader view, the distribution of wealth, is very much linked to the issues of equality, justice and equal access to all people to the resources, thus also of social and economic justice!
The main working method of EYCE is non-formal education, so it will be the task of the International Planning Committee to create an exciting programme for the training course and explore the issues of fair distribution of natural resources together with the participants by discussions, exchange of experiences and sharing stories, learning from good practices, learning by doing through the role games and practical workshops!
Do you feel that you might be enjoyng this? Then being part of an International Planning Committee for the upcoming EYCE training course might be for you!
EYCE is happy to open the call for the members of International Planning Committee (IPC) for the upcoming training course “Food, Land and Water. A training course to promote fair distribution of natural resources in the framework of ecological justice”, which will take place in Dresden, Germany from 26th October – 2nd November 2014!
The training course will aim to position and empower young people from various religious communities to be key actors in promoting and implementing the dialogue between religious communities and secular society through combating hate speech.
The following objectives have been set for the project:

  • to study and analyse the mechanisms of distribution of natural resources in European context
  • to analyse the patterns of consumption and their impact in the European context and on global scale
  • to explore the Biblical concept of stewardship
  • to highlight the Human Rights dimension of distribution and equal access of all people to natural resources
  • to equip participants with tools and methods to address distribution of concrete resources, such as water, food, land etc. in their own contexts

The first IPC meeting is scheduled: 29th – 31th August 2014, Dresden, Germany
The second IPC meeting is scheduled: Just prior to the training course, 24th – 26th October 2014, Dresden, Germany
The training course is scheduled: 26th October – 2nd November, Dresden, Germany
You can find the application form and more information below. Please note that it needs to have the endoresement of the National Correspondent from your country! For more information please contact your National Correspondent or the EYCE office at!
Please send back your filled application to no later than 6th July 2014!
Call for IPC_Food Land Water
Application Form IPC_Food Land Water

Council of Europe
The project is supported by the Council of Europe!