UPCOMING EVENT: seminar “Be the Generation of Peace!”

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18th – 25th of August 2013
Novi Sad, Serbia
Europe of today plays an active role in securing global peace and promoting solidarity among countries and regions. However, currently the socio-economic challenges in the EU and the whole European continent transform the focus of its citizens to finding internal balance and security. There is a variety of disaffection and action present around Europe: anger in the anti-austerity, anti-government riots in Greece, youth movements in Spain, simmering anger in Italy. Solidarity and mutual support are a crucial element of active citizenship and contribution to building a holistic society and in achieving the above mentioned stability. Ensuring that people are able to come together, that their energy is becoming synergy and their social energy is mobilised for building peace, are important elements the peace building on local and national levels needs to be based on.
EYCE believes that the involvement of young people in conflict resolution and peace building in various contexts is crucial, as often young people have methods and capabilities to reach to social groups, which are hard to reach through institutionalised structures and traditional approaches.
The seminar will offer the participants the following:
– an overview of concepts of peace building and conflict resolution;
– an insight into European security and foreign affairs policies;
– a study of religious and philosophical texts on peace;
– an exploration of concepts of peace in different cultures through particular examples from participant’s countries;
– examples how churches and Christian communities engage in peace building and conflict resolution;
– practical skills and tools in the field of conflict resolution, such as negotiation and mediation skills, tools for de-escalation, advocacy and networking skills;
– creative methods to empower young people to be used in peace building;
– personal development;
– opportunity to meet with young people from different countries and denominations, to share experiences and develop new friendships!!!
This seminar is aimed in particular at youth leaders and young people (age 18-30) actively engaged in their communities and coming from EYCE’s network.
Participants should be interested in conflict resolution and peace building. They are required to have the potential to actively contribute to the discussions and activities, and to initiate local or regional projects, as well as to be ready to share their traditions openly.
The participation fee for the seminar will be 50€ (Euros) including accommodation, meals and programme.

The application deadline is Sunday, 16th of JUNE 2013 midnight CET!!
Please return the filled application form to applications@eyce.org or by fax +32 2 510 61 72

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