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Young people gathering to promote solidarity!

In January 2014 thirty young people from all over Europe and beyond gathered to spend a very special week together!EYCE training course “Looking for a Brighter Future! A training course for young people on solidarity in Europe” was held in Malaga, Spain, from the 20th to the 26th of January 2014. Youth from 15 countries gathered in order to learn, discuss and share about solidarity.   The main aim of the course was to strengthen […] Read on →

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EYCE Press Release: We want to be the generation of peace!

Generation of Peace_picThis summer, EYCE gathered young people from all over Europe for the seminar “Be the Generation of Peace! A seminar for young Europeans to enhance the participation and contribution of young people to peace processes”. The seminar took place in Novi Sad, Serbia, from the 18th to the 25th of August.

During the seminar, thirty young people, actively engaged in their communities and coming from EYCE’s network, shared and reflected on peace & conflict issues. They were coming from 12 different countries. Half of participants was coming from EU countries, the other half was coming from Georgia, Iceland, Lebanon, Russia, Ukraine and of course Serbia. Therefore, the group of participants represented a high diversity of cultural, social and denominational backgrounds. Read on →

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La generazione della pace

Prof. Riccardo Burigana writes in the Osservatore Romano about our seminar “Be the Generation of Peace!”, taking place in Novi Sad, Serbia, right now! Read on, if you want to read the article in Italian. Grazie mille Prof. Burigana!

We will post more about the seminar shortly (in English). Stay tuned! Read on →

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UPCOMING EVENT: seminar “Be the Generation of Peace!”

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18th – 25th of August 2013
Novi Sad, Serbia
Europe of today plays an active role in securing global peace and promoting solidarity among countries and regions. However, currently the socio-economic challenges in the EU and the whole European continent transform the focus of its citizens to finding internal balance and security. There is a variety of disaffection and action present around Europe: anger in the anti-austerity, anti-government riots in Greece, youth movements in Spain, simmering anger in Italy. Solidarity and mutual support are a crucial element of active citizenship and contribution to building a holistic society and in achieving the above mentioned stability. Ensuring that people are able to come together, that their energy is becoming synergy and their social energy is mobilised for building peace, are important elements the peace building on local and national levels needs to be based on. Read on →

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As much Freedom as you need!

Are you interested to discuss issues of religious freedom and diversity in Europe? Then the ecumenical pre-Kirchentag youth meeting with about 50 young people from different Nordic-Baltic European countries will be something exactly for you!

As much Freedom as you need. Religious Tolerance and Diversity in Europe.
30th April – 5th May, 2013 Hamburg/Germany


This will be a space of encounter for young people and an international forum of discussion. Read on →

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Gender: Revised!? Christian youth from all over Europe gathers to discuss gender issues

From 11th – 18th of November 2012 Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe (EYCE) in cooperation with World Student Christian Federation Europe (WSCF-E) conducted a study session “Gender: Revised?!” The study session took place in European Youth Centre Budapest, Hungary and gathered 26 young people from 19 countries to discuss different aspects of gender and its perception in modern society with emphasis on theological reflection and protection of human rights. Read on →

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Young people gather to overcome poverty!

From the 2nd to the 9th of September, 2012 more than twenty-five young people from various beliefs and from across Europe and further abroad gathered in Paris, France to discuss issues of social justice and how religious communities can contribute to increasing social justice in Europe. At the end of the training course, a Jubilee of the tenth anniversary of the cooperation between the Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe and the Forum of European Muslim […] Read on →

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UPCOMING EYCE EVENT: “Gender: Revised!?” Study session in cooperation with WSCF-E

11th – 18th of November 2012

European Youth Centre, Budapest, Hungary


Gender identity is only one aspect of identity, however it is the most easily stereotyped, pigeonholed, overlooked aspect, and very often is the cause of severe violence, discrimination and jeopardisation of Human Rights on a daily basis. In many societies around the world, gender equality, especially the role of women, and violence against women, is an issue which calls for urgent action. In Europe as well, less visible, yet strongly present gender inequality needs further addressing.

The study session was thematically inspired by a publication by World Council of Churches (WCC), “Created in God’s Image: From Hegemony to Partnership – a set of guidelines for discussion, theological reflection and bible study”, which emphasizes the need to develop a sense of positive masculinity in order for us as a community of women and men together to deconstruct misconceptions about being men that seem to uphold violence and domination as “masculine” traits, and to work towards re- socialization for just peace. Read on →

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