Campaign Coordination Team

Vendula Pavlikova

Hello! My name is Vendula but everyone calls me Vendy. I am 26 years old and I am from Czech Republic but currently living in Scotland, Glasgow where I finished my Masters in Biomedical Engineering and right now I am working as an IT Consultant in one Scottish investment company.
Back in Czech I belong to Czechoslovak Hussite Church where I was actively involved in work with youth. When I moved to Scotland I joined Scottish Episcopal church where I am actively involved in number of projects that church runs, e.g. visiting homeless community once a month and provide them with hot drinks, biscuits and have a chat with the people and organising monthly events for new migrants, asylum seekers and refugees with a group of people of different age and religious background.
I am very passionate about discovering new cultures which Glasgow turned out to be a great place to make it happen. I am also interested in campaigning and volunteering in general and I love volunteering for EYCE. It has been three years since I first encountered EYCE family and ever since I loved it. I started as a member of previous Campaign Coordination Team (CCT) that focused on poverty and now I am looking forward to explore different topic of migration in Europe with #WeAreEurope! Campaign.

What change do you see that #WeAreEurope! CCT will have achieved in 3 years?
I want to see people who carefully consider information they get and that they are involved in the current situation. I want to see motivated people who are enthusiastic to change society.

Chris Patricia Hänsel

Hey, my name is Chris Patricia Hänsel and I’m from Berlin in Germany, where I am still engaged in youth work as well as my local parish. I am just finishing my Masters degree in Education for Mathematics and Physics and started working at a German High School teaching those subjects in October of 2016.
I’ve been involved in youth politics and campaigning since 2009 mostly in our regional youth organization in Berlin. In that time I’ve been working on participation of young people with various backgrounds in churches, politics and society, sustainability and development as well as interreligious and ecumenical dialogue. These experiences and my passion to think of creative ways to work on important topics led me to be part of the #WeAreEurope!-CCT. I am looking forward to the path we’re taking in the next 3 years, voicing young people’s thoughts on migration and trying to change society’s view on migrants and refugees to the better.

What change do you see that #WeAreEurope! CCT will have achieved in 3 years?
Our CCT will have made visible, that young people think differently about migration and the movement of people around Europe than their elders did.
We will have helped people seeing that in this global world, free movement whether for jobs or for seeking asylum is a logical conclusion

Salla Hyrkäs

Hello! I am Salla Hyrkäs from Finland. Right now, I am studying in University of Eastern Finland and my main subject is Western Theology. On summer times I work at confirmation camp. My interests are teaching, religions, ecumenical movement, books, psychology, traveling and human rights.

I attended on EYCE’s last campaing “Break the chains” training course and it was very eye-opening to hear how poverty affects personal identity and migration in Europe. So, when I heard EYCE was looking for new CCT members for #WeAreEurope! campaing I sent my application to join. Now, I am one of the great CCT team and very much looking forward to learning more.

What change do you see that #WeAreEurope! CCT will have achieved in 3 years?

The change is that there will be more young adults willing to work together and wanting to build dialogical european society. Also I want that CCT will learn lots of new things as well and ways to bring young people together to talk and listen each other.

Maeve Chatellair

Hello! My name is Maeve, I am 27 years old and I come from Italy. I was born in a very small town in the north, than I moved to Turin 7 years ago to study Political Sciences and Economics for Development.
I did the National Civil Service in an NGO, meanwhile I worked in Belgium as a volunteer with Fedasil and the Red Cross in two different asylum seekers centre : there I organized the entertaining for children and teenager during the summer.
I imagine a world where children and young people build a society where differences are considered as a richness…this is why my dream is to work in the field of Education to Development, to raise awareness about what is going on in the world discovering always something new.
I am a newcomer in EYCE but I am more and more interested and enthusiastic about the work of the organization: now I am involved with the CCT of #WeAreEurope! because I imagine a world where every person who comes and lives in a country will feel welcome and part of it, and I really hope that it can be possible to realize this dream together!

What change do you see that #WeAreEurope! CCT will have achieved in 3 years?
With this campaign i hope to see more and more youth organizations supporting the idea that differences are a richness. I really hope that the values that we want to diffuse with #WeAreEurope! will continue to be used as inspiration for other activities and initiatives.